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Jennifer Aniston’s Kissing Moment In “Red Bikini” At Mexico

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It’s the first shoot of Jennifer Aniston’s Kissing Moment with her boyfriend Justin Threoux in the public but with bikini.
The couple are clearly very much in the honeymoon period of their relationship.
They soaked up the sun and cooled off in the poolside at Mexico with pals Molly McNearney, Emily Blunt, and Jimmy Kimmel.

Jennifer Aniston looked stuning as she sported a tiny red string two piece in Cabo San Lucas sunlounger.
The star seemed happily to displayed her curvy physique for her tattoed man.

Victoria Silvstedt Wears “Turquoise Bikini” At Miami (9 Photos)

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Victoria Silvstedt puts her quite body on show in sunlounger at Miami beach.
The 38-year-old model-actress-singer has been parading her super toned figure on the white sand for days.
Sheis regularly spotted sunning herself on the Florida beaches where she also works out to keep herself in shape.
However, The former Playboy Playmate flaunted everything she's got from her tousled long platinum locks to her bare feet.

Jill Martin Wears “Blue String Bikini” At Malibu Beach (27 Photos)

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She’s usually be a correspondant of The Today Show and juggles three jobs as a busy sports, fashion and celebrity broadcaster.
But now, Jill Martin was clearly enjoying the break from her hestic schedule as she hangs out on the beach in Malibu.
The star showed off her enviable curves in a blue two piece to made incredibly arresting sight with her toned, athletic silhouette.

But unluckly, she still hardly to switch off her mobile phone on the beach

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jennifer Aniston Wears “Black Bikini” At Mexico (60 Photos)

It’s a second bikini of Jennifer Aniston performance on earlier in the week at Mexico.
And the romantic vacation continued for Jennifer Aniston and boy friend, Justin Theroux as they enjoyed a lazy day together on luxury pool at Cabo San Lucas.
Jennifer looked in great shape by displayed her toned figure in an black two piece.

Retro Gallery: Aniston first bikini at Mexico.
Her fiancee put his toned and tattooed torso on show in a pair of black trunks.
Really, it’s a great Christams Eve holiday for Cabo San Lucas as an annual tradition for the actress in previous year.
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Joanna Krupa Wears “Snow Bikini” On Paddle-Boarding At Miami (22 Photos)

Joanna Krupa has no problem by heating up the beach and displayed her trim and toned figure in a white hot bikini.
Flaunted her athletic prowess, she was trying out the wave rider as she showed off her paddle boarding skills in Miami beach.
Joanna looked rather confident on the surfboard in the sunshine.
The pretty blonde kept her brunette locks off her face by trying them into a high ponytail and had no fear as she balanced on the board.
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Daniela Hantuchova Wears “Red Bikini” On Surf Lesson At Australia (50 Photos)

Daniela Hantuchova was seen getting along famously with a surfboard lesson on Coolum Beach, Australia.
The Queen of Slovak took her red two piece body into the water and learn how to ride the Pacific Ocean waves.
Even though she was enjoying a relaxing day at the beach as she athletically followed direction from the hunky instructor, pro surfer Julian Wilson.
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Stephanie Seymour Wears “Black Swimsuit” At St. Barts (47 Photos)

Stephanie Seymour spends her holiday by playing around with snorkelling session in a one piece on St. Barth.
But the supermodel has obviously reconnected with her spiritual side, striking the tree pose as she did yoga on the beach.
She took the opportunity to show off her perfect body in the perfect shape.
It’s clear she’s very disciplined with her exercise routines.
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Ashlee Simpson Wears “Zig Zag Bikini” At Hawaii (35 Photos)

Ashlee Simpson have travelled to Hawaii to celebrate the christmas holiday.
The singer and actress was spotted on wednesday (12/26/12) with her kid, daughter  mum, father and brother on a family holiday in Hawaii.
She looked absolutely captivated as she soaked up in the sun during her vacation.
The 27 year old flaunted her curves in a zig zag two piece and showing off her amazingly toned body on the beach.
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Claudia Galanti Wears “Black Bikini” With Arnaud Mimran At Miami (30 Photos)

Claudia Galanti showed off her amazingly toned body as she strutted around the golden sands.
She’s parading a noticeably trimmer figure in a black two piece.
Joined with her billionaire boyfriend Arnaud Mimran, the pair caught sharing a wonderfull wild kiss. 
The Paraguayan model really put her performance on quite a show in Miami.
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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Jennifer Aniston Wears “Magenta Bikini” At Mexico (50 Photos)

Jennifer Aniston long relationship with Justin Theroux looks increasingly.
She and her screenwriter boyfriend were recently on
Christmas Eve vacation in Mexico.
They’re soaking up the sun on a luxury place at their hotel in Cabo San Lucas.
Jennifer Aniston looked beauty as she’s parading her curvaceous body in magenta two piece and colourful katfan, sprawled out around on the hotel pool.
She shielded her eyes from the sun in a pair of retro round sunglasses and she didn’t appear to be wearing any makeup.
Really, Justin is very extremelly “Lucky” man . . .
51+ pictures of Jennifer Aniston Wears “Magenta Bikini” At Mexico !

Kate Upton’s “Sports Illustrated Bikini Shoot” At Antartica (14 Photos)

As a professional model, Kate Upton knows how to prance around in bikini like no other.
But on Antartica, she probably felt chilled with the temperature hit 35 below !! And she does her best not to flinch.
The blonde beauty posed up between a cold storm for the camera on a super secret Sports Illustrated photoshoot.
On a private 10 days cruise from Argentina to Antartica, she’s wearing nothing but her bikini and a pair of boots. mmm . . . m m m  !!

14+ Pictures Of Kate Upton’s “Sports Illustrated Bikini Shoot” At Antartica

Stephanie Seymour Wears “Violet Bikini” At St Barts (35 Photos)

Maybe, the plumber worker of Peter Brant house didn’t yet come be on time. 
So, with her fabolous body, Stephanie Seymour eventually going to the roof for checking out the problem.

Alex Morgan Goes Paddle-Boarding In a “Floral Bikini” At Hawaii (42 Photos)

English: Alex Morgan Goes Paddle-Boarding In
a “Floral Bikini” At Hawaii (Photo Credit:
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For Olympic gold medalist, there's no such thing as a relaxing vacation.It gave Alex Morgan a wonderful opportunity to flaunt her prominent anatomy were on full display as the 23 year old took to Hawaiian beach on Tuesday, December 19, 2012.
Making the most of the heat, the athlete of Seattle Sounder Women soccer club turned out wearing a floral two piece.
And she showed a beach babe curves as she look effortlessly chic on the paddle boarding.

English: Alex Morgan Goes Paddle-Boarding In a “Floral Bikini”
At Hawaii (Photo Credit:
  The soccer star, Alex Morgan flaunts her figure during a beach getaway.
English: Alex Morgan Goes Paddle-Boarding In
a “Floral Bikini” At Hawaii (Photo Credit:
 All smiles! the beauty soccer athlete looked healthy and happy as she giggled on her paddle board.
English: Alex Morgan Goes Paddle-Boarding In a “Floral Bikini”
At Hawaii (Photo Credit:
   And certainly, the 23 year old gave her promising beauty in a floral bikini as she showed off her simply sensational midriff while catching the rays on the waves.




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