Friday, May 31, 2013

Alice Eve wearing “Bikini” in Star Trek Into Darkness scene

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As one the hottest of British Import actress in Hollywood, It’s normally if Alice Eve as Dr.Carol Marcus’s two piece body has became the talk on the internet.
The creation was not much expected by various crew and staff for the Star trek, but this scene is the first appearance of bikini on all star trek filming.
And the screenwriter of Star Trek Into Darkness, Damon Lindelof couldn’t say anything and being apology comes after unmentionables Eve’s scene.
Only then, Damon Lindelof talks about her Alice wows, by saying:
"Suffice to say, her purpose in the film was minimal and they made her stand around in underwear for absolutely no reason. We didn't even see an actual display of the intelligence she was touted to have.”

The First Teaser Trailer For "Star Trek Into Darkness"



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