Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Anna Kournikova shows off Red Bikini Body on the high seas of the Miami coastline

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Anna Kournikova hung out around for a romantic ride with Enrique Iglesias at Biscayne Bay in Miami.
By driving a speed boat, The tennis player looked beauty in a red bikini with a pair of sunglasses and hair tied back into a pony tail that whipped across her back in the wind.
I quess, the pair celebrated their commitment after they’ve been dating for 12 years as they clearly the love between is stronger than ever.
But as a huge fan of Anna Kournikova, the Russian beauty has been writing her name as the most beautiful girl in the tennis world while Enrique is just a follower boy of her father, Julio Iglesias.
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1 comment:

  1. I would have loved to have been the photographer for an Anna Kournikova nude shoot. I would try to get some lovely shots of Anna's private area, and if were agreeable, I would ask her if was ok to photograph her while she gently acted naughty right in front of me. "Like this?", Anna would ask, as she pulled the hood back to expose her stiffening clitoris.


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