Saturday, May 11, 2013

Kendra Wilkinson walked over the waves by turquoise bikini with Jessica Hall in Mexico

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Kendra Wilkinson was sporting sun kissed tresses and was literally glowing showing off a deep in natural looking tan.
Frolicked by turquoise bikini, she put her fit physique on display with another bikini pal, Jessica Hall at Villa La Estancia beach in Nuevo Ballarta, Mexico
She’s really enjoyed her free day as she thrilled her magnificent body to made quite well over the weekend.
Her long blonde hair loose around her shoulders, the former centerfold jumped through the waves like the professional model she was.

Kendra Wilkinson's black Audi car crash are pictured following her family duty to the children’s playground in Calabasas, Los Angeles on Sunday (April 24, 2013)

The former Playboy playmate sporting a loose-fitted tee and yoga pant after Sunday's car crash
 Apologising to her army of fans via her Twitter page at the time, she said: "Big mistake signing up for the show. Sorry I let you all down."


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