Monday, August 19, 2013

Courtney Stodden delights in a “Flower Bikini" as she flips a gymnastic abilities in Los Angeles

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Courtney Stodden was soon building up a sweat as she led a day session for some flaunting on the beaches display.
It wasn’t however just her chest which turned heads, her washboard abs were equally as impressive and eye catching on Wednesday, August 14.
With her long blonde hair covered by a soft pottery hat, the beauty had lots of fun by pulling a variety of poses in a flower bikini under the warm sun of Los Angeles coastline.
And it seems the 18 year old enjoyed a break in the sun so much as she reflected her beauty for some energetic stroll with her dog, and husband, Doug Hutchison, 53 and father, Alex Stodden, 49.
Well, regardless of the sun's rays making it hard to see, it seems like Courtney was more than pleased to finally soak up the sun.
Girl, rant away. We all have feelings! Everyone else, Let's stop being snarky about everybody's looks.

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Courtney Stodden showed off her gymnastic skills as she performed a none too shabby cartwheel during her beach activity in Los Angeles.
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So, what’s the matter about her fashion beach lock? while her long blonde hair covered by a soft pottery hat.

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 The 18 year old make sure her day out with a dog for a more relaxing stroll in the sands.

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