Saturday, September 7, 2013

Natasha Hamilton Loses Her Blouse for Closer (PHOTOS)

As a professional model, Natasha Hamilton’s really know about how to display her body in the best angel for the camera.
Although in very much envy, the 31 year old’s surrounding to breakdown her six years of  relationship with husband, Riad Erraji.
But, she’s confidence is understandable, considering that she is the proud owner of a tanned and honed figure on Closer magazine for September issue.
And certainly, she opened up about her devastation marriage on the Mag’s, she told:
There are times when I’m an emotional wreck, but I feel like I’m getting stronger and moving on.”
I thought Riad and I were solid and would be able to work through any problems – but then there wasn’t a major problem. We just drifted apart. But while I might have failed as a wife, I’ll never fail as a mother.”

Natasha Hamilton looked more struggled by her strong posed and lovely prescriptively to the Closer Magazine.

The 31 year old was solid and would be able to work through any problems.


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