Friday, February 8, 2013

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girl Friend Wearing “Nothing” In Miami

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How the boy’s themselves felt - basically while they spent weekend in Miami for the Super Bowl.
With the large telescope, the two best friend’re searching bikini girls from their hotel balcony in Miami, Florida.
The both famous actor were shirtless for much of the time, showing off the physiques that have helped cement their status as Hollywood hunks.
But the other peculiarity had become on the next day in Miami Beach.
He rejected a mystery brunette ingenuousness while swimming with Jonah Hill and Lucas Hass.

However, The mystery brunette is just one of many women who had joined Leo on his trip

Helen Flanagan As A “Sexy Teacher” In Love It! Magazine

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She was gamely pose for a photo shoots inspired a sexy teacher and giving all the dirty details of her gorgeous.
Showing off her skin in boucle style skirt suit, cat eye style glasses, supremely high heels and little beauty ponny tails with a book in Love It! magazine.

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Did Helen gave another fantasy?
Well, it’s the first time for a Love It! magazine!. I think 'sexy teacher' is one of the first on the checklist of fantasy costumes for most guys."
And she said: “I really, really want to finish my studies.I think it's so cool when girls are at school trying to do well and striving for the best job.”



Alex Baldwin Wife, Hilaria Sunbathes In “Rose Bikini” In New Orleans

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Hilaria Baldwin was delighted to announced her pregnancy and it seems she couldn't wait to show off her bump.
Whether she truly is with child or not, the slender star showed off her stomach in the pictures above as she relaxed by the pool of New Orleans with her friend.
Instead of opting for a belly-concealing all-in-one, she looked great in pink and white bandeau top and briefs.
She also put her natural glow on show in full effect by wearing no make-up and completed the sunbathing look with a sunscream.

LeAnn Rimes Almost Take Off Her “Bikini” In Full Public At Her Home

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By wearing a red two piece, LeAnn Rimes famed her fabolous body for her role during the Style Network show.
And she certainly looked like she was enjoying a little slice of heaven.
While most people would discreetly retire to the lower deck and change their clothes away from prying eyes.
She almost bare all in full public view while she was snapped changing out as she invites a team of stylists into her home.

Judi Shekoni Wearing “Gold Bikini” For Bollywood In Mumbai

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She is the first as a British actress, model and television presenter who write her name for new Bollywood film in the 2013.
By wearing a gold two piece, Judi Shekoni’s showcasing her simply hot body in a news till from her debut film, Club Dancer
Judi then showed off her dance skill moves barefoot on the wet sand, with a group of professional dancers behind her, in traditional Mumbai style.
Picturing about the Hindustani situation, Judi Shekoni said to her twitter followers,” 'I have a cold so nose blocked & now both ears haven't popped from plane :( Feel like I'm trapped inside of a pillow! How do I pop my ears?,'”

Beth Tweddle Show Off Her “Gymnast's Physique” In Dancing On Ice Rehearsals

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Beth Tweddle puts her dangerous physique on the floor when she’s showing off her magnificent manuver with her partner, Daniel Whiston.
And it seems that Beth Tweddle isn’t going to let anyone steal her crown and also tried out a number of adventurous new moves in their rehearsals show.
Now that the 27-year-old has had a taste of success on ITV's skating show, it seems that she's upping her game.
Wearing a pair of skintight black tracksuit bottoms and exposing her flat stomach, the Olympian was spotted doing the splits above her partner's head.
She was later seen lifting her leg above her head, clearly incorporating some of her medal-winning moves into her next routine.

Playtex's Newest Product With Sweet “Natural” Pictures

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Playtex has been born their newest product called “Clean Beavers get More Wood," And “A Clean Peach Always Gets Picked."
But i’ve got more interested with Playtex, cause the pictures of their newest product is sweet natural.
With displaying a beautiful hard of animal until sweet color of fruit, they are really know how to introduce and getting many customer for their marketing strategy.

Funda Onal And Frankie Stone Wearing “Bikini” In The Teaser Video

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Funda Onal was joined by up and coming model Frankie Stone who showed off her enviable curves in the teaser video.
They paraded their flawless body in white and black two piece, then stripping off by removing her coat before turning around and cheekily winking at the camera.
Funda is no stranger to being behind the camera and her impressive portfolio boasts campaigns for Nike, Adidas, The Trainline as well as appearing in music videos for Calvin Harris, Tinie Tempah and Kid Cudi.

Kate Bosworth Pictures from Vs Magazine

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Transforming into a modern-day Jean-Luc Godard-inspired Brigette Bardot in a seductively cinematic shoot.
Kate Bosworth looking shwingtastic from head to toe in the newest issue of Vs. magazine.
Yeah, the photoshoot is a little more, umm, subdued than we’re usually used to seeing Kate in, but boy oh boy, does she look sexy or what?
It just goes to show you how incredibly hot this peach is; she can steam up your monitor/iPhone even with a classy lingerie photoshoot.

Youtube! Penelope Cruz Looks “Beauty” In Her First Music Video

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After she strolled around in the worldwide acting for 21 years.
Penelope Cruz gives her fans a beautiful romance scenery of her very first music video.
But her curriculum vitae has not only added as a singer and actress, the latin beauty is also a jounalist, model and fashion designer.
And now, Penelope sings the duet with Latin Grammy Award winner Miguel Bose.
Filmed in a hotel in Madrid, the black and white clip sees Cruz strip down to her lingerie as she flaunts her enviable curves.
Clearly feeling a little lonesome, the actress cuts a forlorn figure as she belts out her lines in the duet, while Miguel looks equally as heartbroken in the room next door.
Talking about recording with the star, Miguel said: “Penelope sings fabulously and, above all, she has a lot of personality in her voice and enjoys it a lot, something that you can’t say about everyone.”

Hugh Jackman And Jessica Chastain “Romance” In Jay Leno Show

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Hugh Jackman and Jessica Chastain put their Oscar rivalry aside as they made a joint appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.
Having earlier attended the Oscar nominees luncheon in Beverly Hills where they stood next to each other in the official photograph, both stars hot footed it across town for a relaxed talk show appearance.
Although her breakthrough role came in last year's hit drama The Help, Jessica has already acted alongside Al Pacino for film Wilde Salomé and told Leno she considers the star her 'acting godfather.'
Meanwhile, Hugh was busy recalling his near-disastrous audition in New York City for Les Miserables character Jean Valjean where he ended up having the wheels of his bicycle stolen shortly before he was due to sing for director Tom Hooper.

Rob Lowe Goes Surfing With “Tattoo” In Malibu Beach

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Rob Lowe looked slim and relaxed while cathing some waves with his own surfboard in Malibu beach.
Showing off his surfing skills, the 80‘s actor and a male friend strolled along the beach grabbed their board
But his shoulder tattoo in the right side, a scribbled design covering what was once a small heart.
mmmm....mmmm it’s very 1980‘s romance.

Justin Bieber Shares His Hot “Kiss” - But With Whom ?

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JUSTIN Bieber  gets stuck into a wet snog – with a disembodied head.

Courteney Cox Very Hot “Kiss” With Matthew Perry

This lovely romance had begun in April of 2004 on the final episode of Friends.
By nearly ninemillion viewers in the UK and 20 million in the US, they have appeared their potential interest in very hot kiss.
Last year, Matthew hinted that he would welcome appearances from his former Friends castmates on Go On, saying: “That would be fantastic somewhere down the line.”
Although this will be the first small-screen reunion between Courteney and Matthew in nine years, other members of the Friends cast have appeared together more recently.

Top 10 Colors For Women's Fashion In Fall 2013

The palette features three different shades of green and was inspired by 'the gorgeous melange of color' found in a forest when the leaves have fallen.
Pantone provides color standards for the fashion, cosmetics, graphic and interior design industries, and annually declares an official Color of the Year.
The color selection process requires after the team of Pantone to travel all over the world, examining popular holiday destinations, important events and various trends in the art world.
So here above, the top ten colors for fall 2013 . . . .

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kelly Brook Sunbathes In “Green Bikini” At Miami (100 Photos)

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Her fantastic figure has always get it right in any place and many moments in publicity.
But Kelly Book was left heartbroken at the first month of 2013, after recently ended her relationship with Thom Evans.
And it wasn't to be, and so it is that she put her body art in green two piece on display as she enjoyed a sunbathing session in the Setai Hotel in Miami Beach.
She went near make-up free for the occasion and swept her hair up into a ponytail with  a pair of sunglasses and some times got little cash from her Gucci bag.
Kelly , who lounged on a pool sunlounger and soaked up some rays, has claimed that ending the two-year relationship was mutual.
She’s writing: 'Thom and I mutually agreed to go our separate ways some time ago. It had absolutely nothing to do with a third party.'
According to The Sun, Thom, 27, decided to end his two-year relationship with Kelly, 33, last week because he was growing increasingly unhappy about her friendship with Cipriani, also a rugby player.

Tulisa Contostavlos Show Off “Orange Bikini” Body In Marbella

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She's one of the most famous singers in the world and is known for her incredible curvy and toned figure.
So you can't blame if Tulisa Contostavlos for wanting to show off her enviable body on Twitter whenever she gets a chance.
The American singer shared a few snaps of her incredibly toned body in orange string two piece, posing with equally sexy pal Michelle McKenna, Gareth Varey, and bandmate Aaron. Which she entitled “Up it ya muppets. Marbella bitches.”
But apparantely, the footballer New Castle boyfriend, Danny Simpson has been left by Tulisa at home. Cause, he’s getting injury in a broken toe after the New Year game.