Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ashley Tisdale Wearing “Bikini” And Tattoo In Mexico

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After her hard days in the Scary Movie 5 set, Ashley Tisdale brought her tired body in a hot lazy moment in Mexico.
She joined with her tattoed boyfriend, Christopher French who is a singer of the band Annie Automatic.
Donning sienna two piece in the course of the day, Ms Tisdale also took time to show some affection to her main man as the two young’re drinking and talking in sunlounger.
On her Twitter pages. She said to
her nearly 9 million followers:
‘Working 17 hours a day on top of a sinus infection and being extremely tired may cause an accident.... Literally #sotired #stillnovoice.’

Kourtney Kardashian Shares Two Different Bikinis In Mexico

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Kourtney Kardashian and family was capturing by paparazzi camera as she enjoyed her holiday in Mexico.
After she passed a hurdle of her post baby body, Kourtney displayed her lost baby weight in a two piece.
But now, she had clearly packed of bikinis with two different colors, navy and white.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley Flaunts “Colourful Bikini” In Malibu (48 Photos)

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Clad in a colourful bikini briefs, the supermodel opted for a relaxing walk with her dogs before climbing up the rocky shoreline to get a comfy perch in the sun.
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley spent yesterday at the beach in Malibu, California.

Alessandra Ambrosio In A Bikini For A Photo Shoots In Los Angeles

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Displaying her incredible figure, Alessandra Ambrosio hit the beach in Venice beach, LA for a new Victoria’s Secret photo shoots.
The beautiful model strolled around the beach in Los Angeles by wearing a line colourful two piece as she worked her magic for the camera.
And the next day, she didn’t waste her quality time during a photo shoots.
She invited Adriana Lima to joined with her in beachwear shots from photographer, Ben Watts.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Marlon Wayans With A Mystery “Bikini” Girl In St Barth (52 Photos)

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Marlon Wayans was captured by paparazzi camera aboard luxury boat in St Barths.
But this time, he accompanied with a mystery bikini brunette girl who served the White Chicks star along the trip.

The mystery girl showed off her freshness body in colourful two piece.
So it was unsurprising that Marlon Wayans swapped her hot bikini girl for a kissing and cuddling day.
And the lady has identified as Shannon Nadj, who has a career in American Apparel and Pilates instructor of L.A. district manager.

But we’re not sure about the status of their relationship right now - particularly after checking out these pictures below.

Rafael Nadal And Hot “Bikini” Girlfriend In Cozumel, Mexico (38 Photos)

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Looking as in love as ever, Rafael Nadal and his longer term girlfriend showed off their hard relation along year by year in Cozumel beach, Mexico
His woman, Maria Francisca Perello decided to have some fun in a green string two piece and Nadal showed off his athletic muscle in sky blue swimming,
They are walking together like brother in law with their arms wrapped around each other.

Danielle Lineker Displays “Cream Bikini” In Caribbean

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Messing around under the warm sun, Danielle Lineker was seen trying to showcase her beach modesty in a cream front top and black bikini bottom.
And she looked much younger than her years while her long hair was loose.
Her husband Garry Lineker, who is now football comentator confidently strolled in a pair of white swim shorts.

Kelly Brook Poses In Bikini To Against Katie Price Style Via Twitter

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All man eyes around the world have already know that so many women to craving of physically that is owned by Kelly Brook
And because of it all, she tried to leave her sexy impression with a series of’sexy self potrait on her fans.
She showed off her incredible figure in bikini and lingere as she presented four photos from a four days trip to the twitter submissions.

Peta Murgatroyd Relaxes In “Blue Bikini” At Los Angeles

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After her split from Maksim, Peta Murgatroyd rocks a little blue bikini while taking a dip in the ocean in Los Angeles.
She’s showing off exactly what Maksim
Chmerkovskiy was missing as she enjoying a stroll along the water with a few yoga moves.

Francesca Eastwood Shows Off New Bikini Body In California

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She’s never left her father name as a daugher of Clint Eastwood.
But Francesca Eastwood has successfully to performed her new body with confidently as she strutting around a Californian beach.
She showed off her impressive result in cream two piece and playing a beach volleyball to testing her flexibility during her holiday.
And she also talk about her nothing workout to Mailonline.
She said:
“I feel so much better about my body now. You know it's weird being in the spotlight, I feel so much more confident. I don't have to workout every day, but I do some exercise every other day. It's all about maintenance.”
Then she added:
'I've got no aspirations to be super skinny or stick thin. 'I'm actually really happy with my body right now.'

Katsia Zingarevich In “Bikini” For Intimissimi (42 Photos)

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In her latest modelling role, Katsia Zingarevich serves her freshness body with lingerie in a series of Intimissimi brand.
The Belarus born of Russian tycoon are sure to give the team something to talk about in the changing room.

Cheryl Burke Dons A White Bikini In Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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Taking a break to catch some rays, Cheryl Burke was spotted sunbathing at the beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
While donning a white two piece, she showed off her fit figure as she hung out with male pals by the pool.

Beyonce Knowles Shows Off “Yellow Bikini” In Miami

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Having a little fun in the sun, Beyonce Knowles was busy to soaking up the sunshine in Miami, Florida. April 13, 2006.
The diva displayed her incredible body in yellow two piece as she relaxed with her husband, Jay Z at a hotel pool.

26 PHOTOS: Cameron Diaz Displays “Orange Bikini” Muscle In Hawaii

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Cameron Diaz has spend five day in Hawaii with her family.
But in the last day, she paraded her fabolous body muscle in orange bikini.
And it was make a satisfied for many man eyes as she diplayed her bootylicious curves in many angels.

Beyonce Knowles Brown Bikini Candids In Miami

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Out basking her bikini body in a row, Beyonce Knowles took to her hotel pool in Miami, Florida. April 12, 2006.
Clad in a brown bikini, the singer spent most of the day by soaking up the sunshine alongside her husband, Jay-Z.

Maria Menounos Shares Bikini Body Via Twitter

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The TV beauty was more than happy to smile for camera phone while she enjoyed her day in Palm Springs
Putting some effort in, Maria Menounos was seen flexing her body and muscle in black two piece throwing on a diving board with a glass of cocktail in her right arms.
She shares her happy time in series of pictures in Twitter, and she said:
“Life is good”
“My bff valerie fatehi is playing photog w/me in Palm Springs right now.”

Chloe Madeley Shares A Great “Bikini" Stomach Via Twitter

Looking decidedly more toned than usual, Chloe Madeley workout regimes have obviously paid off and she want everyone to know it.
She decided to show all for her twitter fans about her toned figure with close up and proud to her boyfriend, as a personal training sessions, Danny Young.
By adding the caption in her Twitter pages. She’s texting:
" 'the effects of @DJYoungOfficial personal training."
“I FINALLY have a toned stomach, something I never thought possible!”

34 PHOTOS: Rachel Weisz In Esquire UK (April 2013)

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Rachel Weisz looks beauty in a new photoshoot for the April issue of Esquire UK magazine.
Daniel Craig’s wife can be seen so sexy and hot in her modesty element as such a Bond girl.
In the Esqure inteview, she said:
'You can be more successful if you’re more strategic.
'There’s a lot of big movies that I’m not interested in that I get offered. But this [Oz] was one that I really, really wanted to do. I was piqued by it.'

Kimberly Walsh Looks Sexy While Smoking In Manchester

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Girls Aloud have been shared a snap of Kimberly Walsh in a cigarettes.
She looked really expert while enjoyed her smoking time with her bandmate team.
But after the picture blowed up on public, The bandmate of Sarah Harding gets stuck to deleted the pic from their Twitter pages.

Kelly Brook Bikini Body Into Mermaid Costume For Fresh2o

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Giving fans a peek at another piece of art, Kelly Brook proudly displayed her newest charity for Fresh2o.
She transformed her bikini body into a mermaid costume to highlight the global water crisis which is killing up to 5.000 childreen around the world every day.
But she’s not alone, the expert photographer Candice taken another celebrties images, such Keira Knightley, Lily Cole and Kimberly Stewart.

Gwyneth Paltrow Shows Off Bikini In Iron Man 3

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Cause the Iron Man 3 trailer doesn‘t have more money, the Coldplay singer wife displays her black bikini in just two minutes and 44 second.
In the trailer, Gwyneth Paltrow looks so hard while she’s burning herself on the damaged factory in surrounding of fire.

Youtube! Georgia May With Marlon Teixeira In Perfume Ads, Just Cavalli

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As the daughter of a famous rock star, Georgia May will not eliminate her father name while taking her career ladder
She has successfully to used her genealogy rock star by starring in a new advertisement for a perfume, Just Cavalli.
In ads, Georgia showed off her beauty skin as she enjoyed a struggle day on the role of seductively with a hot male model of Brazil, Marlon Teixeira.
They put a style that is quite tempting to delight all the favourite elements for each step of life section.

Jessica Jane Clement Shares Black Bikini In Maldives

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Jessica Jane Clement was captured a series of snap during her lonely honeymoon in Maldives.
While soaking up the sun, she’s lounging on a giant sunlounger minus her black bikini top.
Alongside the image on her twitter pages, she’s texting:
"My new belly chain!! Thank you @leestaffordhair. Best husband :) x."

Mariana Rios Shows Off Blue Bikini In Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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Spending the last morning around beach, Mariana Rios soaked up the sun in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
But this time, the hot Brazilian actress and singer is not alone.
She enjoyed her quality time with boyfriend, the vocalist of the band of Nx Zero, Di Ferrero by strolling around, relaxing, sun tanning, and even taking care of a little business on her BlackBerry.
After the actress paraded her bikini body on the set of "Jorge Save" In Rio De Janeiro beach.

Sergio Aguero’s New Girlfriend, Karina Tejeda Is A Hot Singer

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Diego Maradona’s daughter, Giannina, 23 will be very sad.
After her ex husband of Manchester City striker, Sergie Aguerro was made a new amour with a  lady.
She’s still Argentinian woman and Karina Tejeda is an sexy pop singer.
That’s more surprising as she expressed about his feelings to her best friend, and she said
“This relationship is serious.”

Miranda Cosgrove - 50 Best Bikini Pictures

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Do you know Miranda Cosgrove ? Many people have seen her before as Carly in the Nickelodeon TV series, iCarly.
It’s making her in the second highest paid child star on television and listed in the 2012 edition of Guinness World Records with earned $180,000 per episode in 2010...
But, she doesn’t stop on television.
The actress was released a soundtrack album in June 2008 and Congrove’s debut album “Sparks Fly” was released on April 27, 2010 
Outside from her popular series, she has recently studied at the University of Southern California, as writing and theater.
And she has lended her voice in the animated kid’s film, Despicable Me 2.
Finally,  I hope her 2.8 million followers on Twitter pages will read and see my blog (

Arnold Schwarzenegger Dates A Mystery Blonde In Santa Monica

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Carefully! Arnold Schwarzenegger has been trying to raise his gun back after he captured by paparazzi camera in Santa Monica.
He’s got a blind date with a beauty mystery blonde as he enjoyed her new great spirits in a romantic night at Babalu restaurant 
And the lady has identified as Heather Milligan, who has a career in physical therapist.

Burt Reynolds’s Ex, Sandra Harmon In One Bed With Jimi Hendrix

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She’s a TV writer in 60‘s era, but Sandra Harmon has many relation with the world’s most famous men in her time life.
Even they are together in one bed.
Do you know? Arnold Stiefel, manager of Rod Stewart, Donald Sutherland, Jimi Hendrix, and Burt Reynolds.

Rebecca Adlington In Newest Project Of The Sun’s Campaign

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The sun’s searching a new athlete campaign, and Rebecca Adlington has been choosing for their next project.
Cause, the British swimmer looks to be more wealthy in diving, jumping and cycling.

Russell Crowe Shares A Few Pictures Of UFO Via Twitter

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What are you looking at, Crowe?
I’m a colonel of UFO battle from the other space.
So you don’t interfere on the public about the experience that we provide.
ha ha ha ha . . . . .  haha. . . . !

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sarah Harding Parades Seven Different Bikinis In A Week In Barbados

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Sarah Harding may have been in her holiday to turned into something of a fashion parade, and her latest beach outing proved no exception.
The Girls Aloud singer relaxed with her pals while enjoying a romantic break with her DJ boyfriend, Tom Crane.
But, she had clearly packed plenty of bikinis for her getaway and managed to parade seven different bikinis throughout in seven days at Barbados.
In fact, she ensured all eyes were on her as she was positively jumping for joy to displaying her killer tan, toned physique and seemingly endless legs.

She was more than happy to smile while she paraded her shrinking figure around black bikini with black sarong, black swimsuit, red bikini and denim hotpants, white bikini, grey monokini, tiger bikini, and the last, zebra two piece.
Enjoy the pictures, check out and scroll down to see how the singer parading her magnificent body in Barbados (February 1, 2010 until February 7, 2010).

Jessica Biel Highlights “Bikini" Body In Puerto Rico (59 Photos)

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Jessica Biel is currently on a holiday and she has branded her name at the beach in Puerto Rico.
And the actress certainly looked like she was enjoying a little slice of heaven as she taking a dip in the Atlantic Ocean.
She exposed her strick health and fitness regime outcome in white see through clothes and Indian string two piece.
In fact, Jessica has been left up and down temperature motion when every man seen to her body and more closely, behind !
How does she keep her completeness physique in shape?
“For me, getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water, having a healthy diet, and staying away from alcohol are musts.
It's so boring, I know, but doing those things really helps,” as she told in interview with ELLE magazine in June 2011.
And she added:
“But now that summer's coming around, I'm planning on spending more time outdoors playing volleyball and jogging with my dog, Tina."

Leighton Meester Wearing “Pink Bikini” And Tattoo In Brazil

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Leighton Meester and Aaron Himelstein still managed to find time for a much needed to purling their romance on holiday in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
The brunette looked incredible healthy and happy as she exposed her tattoo (left hand) and toned physique in a pink string two piece during they took a dip in the ocean.
So it was unsurprising that Aaron Himelstein seemed to get a sense of feelling.
And often, he didn’t waste her time to paraded his yearning to break throught the big waves in anything to go by.
More and more, the couple didn’t shy to publicity their affection by kissing and cuddling in the fresh water.
After spending time in the sea, the couple later go back to the beach and Leighton gave her time to talk with her bodyguard.
Apparently, there is found another female fans on the beach and Leighton looked care free as she posed for photos and signed autographs.

Gwen Stefani Showcases “Three Different Bikinis” On A Yacht In Cannes

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Roman Abramovich as Russian billionaire served Gwen Stefanie and family to take his luxury yacht.
The 115m yacht called Luna who have swimming pool and two helipads brought Stefanie family to enjoying an extended stay in London before their staying in  Cannes.
During throughout their long trip, Gwen joined with Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin in London.
Gwen and Gwyneth enjoyed a girls night out together and dined at a Japanese restaurant on Tuesday night.
In early day and first bikini (May 15, 2011), the singer relaxed her flawless body in brightly coloured two piece with long white and black line skirt.
Second bikini (May 16, 2011), she had been seen relaxing in a zebra brown bikini top and long floaty skirt, plus black sixty sunglasses.
And the final day (May 24, 2011), Gwen Stefanie started to displaying her all toned and trim body with sculpted abs and lean legs.
The mother of two soaked up the sunshine on the deck of the Luna luxury yacht by wearing a white polka dot bikini.
Gwen wrapped herself in a brown towel and once again, she’s showcasing her perfect physique which the result of her workout sessions five days a week.
As her interview to Elle Magazine for U.K. She told:
“I work out five days a week, I can’t imagine not doing it.
I’d like to have no rules and eat what I want, but I’ve learned over the years that I’m so disappointed when I can’t wear the clothes I want to wear.”
And if I let myself down, appear on stage when I’m not looking my best, it’s not fun for me. I just beat myself up about it.”

Charlotte Church Shows Off “Two Different Bikinis” In Caribbean

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Charlotte Church looked svelte, sexy and in fantastic shape as she enjoyed her romantic break in Antigua, Caribbean.
The Welsh pop singer had clearly packed plenty of bikinis for her Guatemala getaway and managed to parade two different one throughout the day.
Yet another change, Charlotte swapped the blue bikini for a kissing and cuddling day with her boy friend, Gavin Henson.
In another time, she was snapped carrying a sheet of sunbath foam for reading a book in red bikini.
And as usually, she couldn’t left her smoke habit although Gavin covered his glum face with a black sunglasses.

Helena Christensen Shows Off “Blue Bikini” In Ischia, Italy

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Helena Christensen are currently vacationing on the island of Ischia, Italy.
The ex-Supermodel’s spending some quality family time with her son in blue two piece.
She lathered sunscreen on her son, Mingus, before soaking up the sun herself and texting on her phone.
And thank god, she’s have no problem to displaying her dying age body and we really have no trouble to seeing it.
As her interview with Elle Magazine that she has always maintained her fantastic body even in the middle age. She said:
“I have no problems with showing my body. I’m Danish. Everyone’s naked on the beaches. We don’t really give s***. And why would you, when you look like that? See more her magnificent pictures on holiday above:

Denise Van Outen Wearing “Green Bikini” And Tattoo In Dubai

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Denise Van Outen was snapped by paparazzi in green two piece while holidaying at the Grosvenor House Hotel in Dubai.
The TV Presenter looked very happy during her quality time with another female blonde bikini friend as they fooled around in the sea.
But her beauty little tattoo in her left stomach, it’s making more bright in her day while she lapped the sunshine in the water to cool off and laughing out loud.
As well as her body in great shape, Denise revealed her beauty secret to The People magazine. She told:
“I do exercise a lot and I just did a cycle for Great Ormond Street Hospital with Lydia Bright from TOWIE. It was a tough routine because it was 100 degrees.”

Katherine Heigl Soaks Up The Sun In “Purple Bikini” At Mexico

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Mexico was famously by their hat, Sombrero who formerly used in rural areas of Mexico.
Generally, Sombrero come in many design with different colorings, woven patterns, and various decorations.
So it’s probably truth, if Katherine Heigl’s following those beautiful culture during her holidayed with musician husband, Josh Kelly at the beach in Mexico.
Shielding her blemish free skin from the sun she wore a large floppy white hat and a pair of sunglasses.
And showed off her enviable curves in bright purple two piece with a traditional handbag and a bottle of fresh water.
The couple strolled around up the sun with another female bikini friend to found the best place for their relaxing time on the beach.

Denise Van Outen In “Bikini Party” With Frankie Essex In Ibiza

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Denise Van Outen’ll act like an 18 year old if she wants to that doesn’t mean she can’t have fun in 38 year old.
And she’s getting her groove in bikini pool party on the Ocean Beach Club in Ibiza with her famous friend, Frankie Essex.
By under the sun shining and good music playing, she doesn’t waste her time to showing off her hot dance move in casual outfit and floral two piece.
On her break, she confirmed just how much fun she was . . . in the party as she shared her day in twitter pages. She told:
"Loving the sun tunes and being with my girls #bestpoolpartybyfar."
We're not jealous at all.

Maria Menounos displays a Tiger Bikini shapes in Miami (42 PHOTOS)

English: Maria Menounos displays a Tiger Bikini shapes in Miami
- 42 PHOTOS (Photo credit:
View the gallery / 42 pictures . . . .
Maria Menounos spent the whole day by soaking up the sun and drinking cocktails with her long-term boyfriend Kevin Ungaro.
During her beach time in Miami, she described about how patiently woman she is . . .
But the presenter appeared her hot and wild side with choosing a tiger two piece as her color pattern for her sunbathing session, today.
Are the temperature in your place is more getting hotter now ? 

Checkout and scroll down to see more pictures about Maria Menounos Sunbathing in tiger bikini at the beach in Miami.

Charlotte Church Sunbathes In “White Bikini” At Guatemala

View the gallery / 62 pictures . . . .
We all need holidays for some much needed relaxation and a break from the daily ires of our working lives.
And Charlotte Church’s spending her day romance by relaxing in the Antigua beach with her boyfriend, Gavin Henson.
In fact, the pair couldn’t keep their hands off each other. They spotted kissing and cuddling in the sunlounger for all to see.
The beauty singer showed off her beach body in white two piece while in another time, she took off her bikini top to sunbathing and keep smoking as usually.
Enjoy the pictures, check out and scroll down to see how the singer parading her magnificent body in Antigua, Guatemala.

Katherine Heigl Shows Off White Bikini And Legs

View the gallery / 10 pictures . . . .
I don’t know what she doing there? But as you can see on pics, she took off her trousers and changed into her white pants.
Katherine Heigl looked so young and full of energy for her age and i estimate her to be at least 23.
Although this happen, Katherine’s trying to showcase her toned and trim legs that will became a substance for her carrier on the future.

Charlotte Church Shows Off “Yellow Bikini” Body

View the gallery / 5 pictures . . . .
Charlotte Church showed off her incredible physique in yellow two piece as she holidayed with her boyfriend.
But in this time, she looked very hot to attacking her boyfriend with various arts of kissing moment for all to see.
What do you think? Is she a wild lady ? or more hotter than many woman you ever seen. Enjoy . . .!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Kelly Brook Takes A “Capoeira” Lesson In Bahia, Brazil

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Capoeira is a traditional Brazilian type of martial arts that combines of dance and music with Slapping, Acrobatics, Kicking. Leg Sweeps and Headbutting.
The self defence arts was created by Brazilian culture around the beginning of the 16th, 17 th, and early 18th centuries.
Whereas, the word of Capoeira possibility comes from the Tupi language, which was spoken by the native Tupi people of Brazil, who lived close to the sea.
And Kelly Brook’s taking a Capoeira lessons in the right area, place, time and situation. 
By demontrates her lovely moves during her quality time at the beach in Bahia, Brazil.
She didn’t waste her days in floral two piece after she showed off her adorable curves in quick and complex moves with a male coach.
It’s not only the smiling, but also boldly frolicking in a bikini and shrugging off the face as she was in very healthy condition.
But as you can see on the pictures above, Kelly is not only a beauty lady with perfect body.
The Britain's Got Talent judge’s clever too to merges the instruction elements with her gymnastic and dance skills.