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Angelina Jolie Wearing Nothing And “Tattoo” For Rolling Stone Magazine

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Angelina Jolie displays her fabolous body in a part of The Wild Side of Rolling Stone Magazine.
Snapping by David LaChapelle, she’s wearing nothing as she’s posing with a white horse with some of her many tattoos.
The photograph of the 37-year-old actress will go on sale alongside a black and white print of Angelina and Brad Pitt posing as husband and wife for Steven Klein in 2005.
The black and white image wastaken as part of a shoot that the couple appeared in for W magazine before they were officially an item and is expected toto fetch £8,000-12,000.
Both pictures are part of the Contemporary section of the sale that is highlighted by four works by controversial American photographer LaChapelle.

Suranne Jones gives her “Sexy Legs" to Oliver Farnworth on The Arts Theatre stage

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Suranne Jones changed her serious character than she’s playing as detective Rachel Bailey in Scott & Bailey.
On the Arts Theatre, the actress gave more her beauty element as she got a romantic kiss along her lovely legs in her new play, Beautiful Thing.
Beautiful Thing is a funny urban love story between two young men coming to grips with their sexuality and the effect it has on the people in their lives.
Suranne plays Sandra in the play as it returns to the West End to celebrate it’s twentieth anniversary.
The comedy is set during a hot summer on a Thamesmead housing estate, where love blossoms in some very unexpected places.

Paula Patton highlights her “Beauty Legs” on Good Morning America

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The 37-year-old ’s been promoting for her new film Disconnect for Wednesday's programme.
But something modesty style’s been appearanced too while Paula Patton brought her flawless legs in a brown mini dress during Good Morning America.
Paula’s legs really looked healthy and freshness as she put her best to keep up with her sexy style on the show.
The wife of crooner Robin Thicke perched herself perfectly on the morning show's couch making her long legs the centre of attention.

Jessica Lowndes, Why You Did This? Thom Evans is a luckier highbinder

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Thom Evans is a lucky boy, and Jessica Lowndes is the victim of a man who does not know the way out.
It’s true, she's a beautiful girl, sweet, nice and has everything that man ever wanted, meanwhile Thom Evans, he certainly is a big fan of liquor that has obscure behavior.
But Jessica Lowndes still confirmed her romance with Thom Evans as she posted a series of romantic photos online on her Instagram account, it’s her decision.
As reporter by the sun, the ex rugby star switched his contact details after his former lover insisted they meet up to talk.
Thom Evans has changed his phone number and email address in a bid to cut Kelly Brook out of his life.

Kendall Jenner sunbathes in a Green Bikini as she snaps her day on Twitter

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Kendall Jenner sported just a pair of pastel green top and black bikini bottoms as she sunbathed around in the pool.
The revealing outfil showed off her model’s washboard stomach and long toned legs to the maximum during her lazy day.
And the star looked to be having a great time, showing off her prowess on the sunlounger for her 17.6 million followers.
And her older sister, Kim Kardashian said:
“Look at this body on my little sister Kendall Jenner,”
In a minutes Kim then backed up trying to defend herself.
“I'm just saying I'm so jealous of how tall you are. I'm not trying to be creepy,' Kim said.
'Kendall don't worry I won't call you too skinny I know you get offfended. But I getcalled too fat so I'm just saying...yeah it is kind of creepy. But I'm just jealousand she's a model and she's so tall!"

Beyonce Knowles heats up “Bikini” body in the series of H & M Summer campaign

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Beyonce Knowles has not yet entered the concert hall outback to show her beauty voices, but she's already posed in the series of bikini.
Displaying her fabolous body, The singer displays her washboard abs and hourglass figure as she smoulders for the camera in the new H & M Summer campaign.
The 31 year old’s appearing fresh-faces with minimal make-up and she looks seductively in her flower color to shows why she has one of the most envied bodies in the world.
Beyoncé said of the campaign:
“I’ve always liked H&M’s focus on fun and affordable fashion. I really loved the concept we collaborated on to explore the different emotions of women represented by the four elements – fire, water, earth and wind.
'It was a beautiful shoot on a tropical island. It felt more like making a video than a commercial.”

  Beyonce Knowles in a scorching new shot to promote high street store H&M’s summer designs.

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Friday, April 19, 2013

100+ Kylie Jenner Top Bikini Pictures

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Fame has always been easy for Kylie Jenner and she's obviously enjoyed every moment of her dip in a two piece.
The beauty girl doesn't seem to be much point having access to so many clothes, because Kylie spend most of her time in bikinis.
By stripping off to her swimwear, Kylie showed off her supermodel silhouette in a string bikini with sequin detailing curves at every opportunity.
In, she had managed to squeeze her fantastic curves into yet various itsy bitsy teeny weeny, when she holidayed in various place at the beach and pool, that even on a yacht to keep the Kardashian empire humming
Now, What a way to celebrate us gals! please, scroll down and see more 100 pictures of Kylie Jenner in her best Bikini snaps.

Aida Yespica displays a “Yellow Bikini” physique in Sardinia, Italy

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English: Aida Yespica displays a “Yellow Bikini” physique in Sardinia
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Aida Yespica appeared to be enjoying the benefits of a break in the sun and looked tanned and healthy as she enjoyed the warm sunshine in Sardinia.
While the Venezuelan beauty seemed happy to show of her enviable figure in yellow bikini, she recently admitted she doesn't consider herself sexy. Does she?

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English: Aida Yespica displays a “Yellow Bikini”
physique in Sardinia (Photo Credit:
Venezuelan television personality, model, and former beauty pageant contestant Aida Yespica was seen enjoying her holiday in Sardinia on Sunday.
English: Aida Yespica displays a “Yellow Bikini”
physique in Sardinia (Photo Credit:
It's true if she has an incredible famous figure as Aida showed off her toned stomach and pert derrière while on holiday
English: Aida Yespica displays a “Yellow Bikini” physique in Sardinia
(Photo Credit:
After making a splash, The 29-year-old cooled down after a sunbathing session by frolicking in the sea
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English: Aida Yespica displays a “Yellow Bikini”
physique in Sardinia (Photo Credit:
Although she did not win the Miss Venezuela 2002 contest, Aida has left a lasting impression with the press in Italy.
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