Saturday, May 25, 2013

Youtube! Jennifer Aniston shakes out of her curves in We're The Millers trailer

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Jennifer Aniston fans have been waiting anxiously to see exactly how about the most electrifying is the sight of her idols in an underwear.
Surely and certainly, she is one of hottest celebrity bodies in the world and the actress was succeeded to remind us about this truly fact.
Plays stripper in her new movie, We're The Millers, the 44 year old looked so amazing in a see through lingerie, showing off her belly in a sexy and naughty tease with a pretty seductive sway of her hips.
So it wouldn’t be surprising if the actress has left a big to imagination that related on our brain at the moment.
Just scroll down to watch, see on images and you will achieved a maximum gratification in understanding about the new landscape which was served by Aniston.

Joanna Krupa highlights “Orange Bikini” body with a funny pet in Miami beach

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Joanna Krupa collected her award for her fiance, Romain Zago as she enjoyed her delightful with her funny pet, Darla around the sand in Miami beach.
Covering her platinum extension in an orange bikini, she showed off her maximum traffic from every angles that seem to go for miles.
But it appears that the Polish model is most content with vacation comforts, especially in the form of her gorgeous dog.
And Romain turned up equally attracted with their new hairless friend, but once again they always have an opportunity to make the reader jealous.
The couple shared their plenty of affection after he smooched the pup instead. How about us, are we still got a change to see more ?

Jill Martin displays a Snake Skin Bikini with Miami Heat players along the beach in Miami

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Jill Martin really has shown her best taste in this time.
But maybe, she’s been getting more and more agile with her live style on the day.
She showcased her slimming down and toning up in snake skin bikini during her vacation in Miami beach, but she’s not alone.
Not to forget to accessory, the blonde shared a laugh with three star players of Miami Heat, Juwan Howard, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.
Although she is a broadcaster for the New York Knicks, Jill Martin didn't mind getting familiar with the players at the beach in Miami on Saturday (May 18).

Gisele Bundchen exposes her perfect denim legs in BLK DNM's newest campaign

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She's quickly stepped back into the role of working mom after giving birth to her daughter Vivian Lake in December.
And Gisele Bundchen showed of  “the body” can still work in any look as she dared to go for promotes in BLK DNM's newest campaign of 2013.
The Brazilian beauty displayed her perfect posterior behind and looked slender in a pair tight jeans that showed off her hard work at the gym.
Retouching photos by Johan Lindeberg, the 32 year old’s describing the brand as being in tune with her true natural beauty and organic personal style throughout Manhattan, New York City.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Carmen Electra looks so beauty in a “Black Bikini” around the sun set at a beach in Dubai

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Her fantastic figure has always get it right in any place and many moments in publicity.
So you can't blame if Carmen Electra for wanting to show off her enviable body on the beach whenever she gets a chance.
On a recent trip to host a special segment of Just Sundays, she displayed her killer view in a black bikini around a sand in Dubai.
And speedily to take a deep breath is worth it for us, cause she brought her beauty so beautifully with the afternoon weather to be taking a sun set along the ocean.
She walked so lightly along the sand, while the ocean breeze blowing and lifting her long brown hair from her corsage, and when it gets cold, she added a slim black cardigan to beautify her platoon sexy style.
How can I say ? Such a sight is certainly not a bad way to end the work week

Patrick Dempsey wife, Jillian Fink flaunts White Bikini on a yacht in Caribbean

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After Patrick Dempsey took her gorgeous wife, Jillian Fink and family enjoyed their relaxing afternoon at the beach in Caribbean two days ago.
The actor who was played in the series of Grey’s Anatomy turned again her good body, but this time his wife using a white string bikini with more intimate photos.
Patrick gives his wife an affectionate by suncream around Jillian’s beauty body while cool down on a yacht.
It was also an excellent opportunity to show her fantastic curves as she sunbating along a yacht board.
And they looked like were had a great time on the high marine of Caribbean gateway.

Olivia Munn rides a motorcycle in Esquire Magazine

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Olivia Munn, 32, who actually born in Oklahoma and developed on a military base in Japan, that even she move around a lot of place such German, Irish and United States with different step father. Thanks to her new living situation in Los Angeles.
For the magazine interview, the 32 years old Newsroom star answered some questions about her success relation on her family:
“I believe it was Galifianakis who was saying something like people who are attractive can't be funny, because funny comes from pain,” Olivia said.
“And it's interesting, because in my life, I moved around a lot, and I had a really abusive stepfather. I have a great stepfather now, but my first stepfather was, for fourteen years, really horrible.”
“And you move around a lot and you're constantly the new kid, because you're a military family,” Olivia told Esquire.
Esquire Magazine said about her fighting live in the title: Olivia Munn Is a Woman We Love and All we wanted to do was go for a ride on her motorcycle.”

Lucy Mecklenburgh takes a stroll by a “White Swimsuit” in afternoon cruise at Spain

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Lucy Mecklenburgh doesn't look back as she took a stroll along the Marbella beach, Spain.
By wearing a white swimsuit, she showcased her nice legs in a pair of towering wedge heels and Louis Vuitton bag.
The reality star who launched her new own self fitness site, left her beauty black hair falling in a beach style and displayed her natural make up free with her Towie pals.
But she looked different with her former fiance, Mario Falcone who also in Marbella, and he was spotted to get a sunshine with several hot bikinis woman.
He’s really enjoyed his newest single live in afternoon cruise at the Costa Del Sol after they split last month.
Lucy told about her romance accident on Twitter:
“I finished with Mario 7 days ago. It took him a while to move on ... This has reassured me I made the right decision.”

Minnie Driver shows off her slim body in Bikini while dancing in Mexico

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Minnie Driver shows off her hot and funny reflexively as she holidaying in Mexico.
But her wild dance with a group of friends, it’s will take an attention as she shakes her bikini body with fedora hat in a provocative style.
She looked in a good spirits as she danced to make her friends include Will & Grace star Sean Hayes, laugh like a drain.
Didn’t stop there, the situation is more hot as she grope her stomach and bosom in humoring behaviour.
At least we knew about how to living up a festive atmosphere in dancing despite its rather vulgarity, thank you Minnie!

Lauren Pope looks stunning in a “Blue Bikini” as she enjoys a pool party in Spain

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Lauren Pope gave a glimpse of her incredible body in a blue bikini during a pool party in Marbella, Spain.
In the swanky La Sala beach bar, Lauren certainly knows about how to flaunting her best angles as she paraded her touching down movement.
The brunette left her brown hair loose around her shoulders and completed her look in a pair of sunglasses which teamed with a lime green katfan.
And she’s not as one celebrity at La Sala party, Jamsin Walia, Abi Clarke, Sam and Billie Faiers are making an impact too with their bikini body.

Tori Spelling struggles to contain her “Bikini” and assets while sunning herself in Mexico

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Tori Spelling was seen sunning herself by the pool on a Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
And she made sure every inch of her body was exposed to the sun’s rays as she constantly adjusted her colorful bikini to ensure even tanning.
But after a spot of topless sunbathing while lying on her stomach, she almost had an embarrassing accident.
The brunette was seen struggling to contain her assets as she attempted to tie up her tiny triangle bikini top.
The skimpy two-piece left very little to the imagination as Tori flaunted her washboard abs and toned arms and legs as she cooled off in the pool and sipped sparkling water.
Just for the news, today she celebrates her 40th birthday and making us wish it will certainly have ensured that the voluptuous mother of four got a more good tan during her sunning session for the next.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Michelle Heaton works out in a “Red Bikini” at the poolside in Miami

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Michelle Heaton seemed keen to quench her need for workout as she paraded her body around poolside in Miami.
The beauty has made the most of the hot weather by wearing a red two piece to showed off her incredible physique in her new workout video.
Even more, she displayed her hot washboard, abs and tight in all positively glory as she  conducted a few movement of gymnastics to indulge her healthy habit
She returned to practice her healthy motion for Lorraine in Miami beach on the morning.
At the end of the session, she changed her gym clothes with bandeau bikini motif to a spot of sunbathing.
Keep up the good work Michelle Heaton; you're looking great!

Melanie Brown relaxes by a “Blue Bikini” on a yacht in Cannes France

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Melanie Brown was determined to make the most of her few hours in Cannes, and set about having some fun in the sand.
The singer looked delighted as she displayed her fabolous body in blue two piece with her husband, Stephen Belafonte.
On a yacht, the 37 year old looked better than ever to showcasing her fit form with her long black hair, and a pair of sungalasess.
After enjoying the sunny afternoon, Mel B covered her flawless bikini body with a simply matching katfan and working on her notebooks.
It’s really a reassure life and after those eating habits, she still looks like that in a bikini.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Demi Moore showcases her magnificent healthy body in a pink bikini while sunbathing in Malibu

Demi Moore proved to be still a quiet magnet for many male eyes in the world during a Malibu break.
Although the curvacious was 50 year old, she looked more youthful as she enjoyed the California sunshine in a pink bikini around the pool of friend’s house.
And she looked more grown from day to day since splitting from ex husband, Ashton Kutcher.
I raised my two thumbs up for her, Demi is a fantastic lady who also has a fantastic physique for a woman on the same contemporary ages with her.

Demi hiding her beauty as she wanted to see Rumer Willis on Friday (May 17)

The actress posted a picture while she holidaying with her boyfriend, Jayson Blair in Guatemala

Do you ever know who’s the parents of Jayson Blair. They celebrated their 35th anniversary in this month
Willis as Maya on drama with title “The Odd Way Home".
Demi Moore will return to her job as an actress in a drama titled “Very Good Girls” with Dakota Fanning, Ellen Barkin, Peter Sarsgaard, and Elizabeth Olsen.


Carmen Ortega highlights her Colorful Bikini along the camera shots in Beverly Hills

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Some girls on holiday to enjoy pampering spa treatments, sip exotic named cocktails and eye up the opposite sex.
But that might be too much like a busman's holiday for Carmen Ortega who has spent her sunshine break in Beverly Hills posing for photographers on Sunday, May 19.
The star has been seen prancing around on the island's powdery white sand in a selection snaps of swimsuit and bikini.
However the point is, the flawless model looked sensational in her colorful bikini.

Victoria Silvstedt cools off her Pink Bikini body along a Yacht in France

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Victoria Silvstedt looked like she was having a great time on her high seas adventure.
In a pink bikini, she showcased her fantastic figure during a day trip on a Yacht in France.
A variety of interesting activities she did, from greasing up a suncream into her beauty body until reading the magazine to spend her solitude gateway.
Hello sailors, do you want to accompany her vacation or just able to see her perfect curves from a distance.
Well, all of these habits can you observed by directly through But, please put your comment below !

Petra Benova makes more attention in Green Bikini while sunbathing in Miami

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Petra Benova certainly seemed keen to make an impact as she paraded her green bikini body on the Miami beach.
There’s no doubt in the hope of attracting a fair amount of attention, the Slovakian model was evidently wanting to ensure all eyes were on her.
In a certain moment, she’s trying to left a little to the imagination as she fixing a strap of her bikini bottoms through her both hands to keep it from falling down.
Well, we think you look great, babe! we hope the gorgeous brunette is soaking up every minute of the sun!

Tori Spelling puts her strong body in Colourful Bikini around a poolside in Mexico

image host
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She gave four children on a relatively short period but looking at Tori Spelling's body, you would never know that she had been pregnant fourth times.
The 40 year old actress showed off her fantastic figure in colourful bikini while holidaying with family in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Eva Longoria wears “Nothing” in the 2013 Cannes Film Festival

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Eva Longoria being completely exposed as her dress came close in half while she headed a red carpet on the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.
With her style options, she’d opted for a different outfit about her disgraceful accident in a breathtaking light green gown.
But in the meantime that makes more surprise, she’s wearing nothing on inside and it all happened quickly without any other restrictions.
Things got a little wet and wild, Eva Longoria experienced the weather’s challenges firsthand, as the actress dress dragged when she made her ascent to the red carpet.
However, that Eva’s risk maneuver was a relative success and that’s exactly what she did in the rain.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Katy Perry enjoys her Bikini day with a few male friends in Bahamas

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Has John Mayer done a heavy mistake by letting Katy Perry to stopped their traffic romance on Tuesday, April 2.
Or in fact, it was an opportunity for another hansome males to be able for drawing her impression.
As you see on the pictures below, the singer showcased her magnificent body in a bikini while lounging on a raft at the pool river in Bahamas. But she’s not alone.
She looked so comfortable and casual although surrounded by a few men who adored him and as usual she was always be able to control the situation.
It seems, she has learned a thing or two about telling that she’s had a gorgeous face, hot pins, and toned body from every angles that seem to go for miles.
Hi John, I think she is not for you and I see this lady is enjoying her youthful beauty properly. So, don’t kill yourself.