Saturday, June 1, 2013

Jennifer Nicole Lee raises temperatures as she shows off “Yellow Bikini” body in Miami

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Jennifer Nicole Lee desperately clings onto her bikini bottom as she's hit by a wave in the Miami surf.
The New york native took a dip in the Atlantic yesterday to cool off during a break in sunny Beach.
And she almost regretted her choice of swimsuit - a skimpy yellow string bikini under - when a swell sent her spinning.
Fellow beach goers must have been praying the brunette's grip would slip and they'd be treated with a glimpse of the star's assets.
But she held firm and retreated to the beach to dry off with her assistances.
Jennifer did reward admirers with a peek at her firm derriere as she strode on the sand in Miami, sporting a tiny pair of bikini bottoms.
Sure, she may have worn a bit more clothing  for that event, but she looked more hot than usually.

Tulisa Contostavlos wearing “Pink Bikini” and Tattoo in Marbella, Spain

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It’s not hard to see why Tulisa Contostavlos being popular on the WWW.
And it seems today that she doesnt want the summer to end as she soaked up the sun around a beach in Marbella, Spain.
The singer was seen perfecting her tan in a pink bikini while she chatted on phone and walked with her self.
But her busy style and accentuated said something and I think, she’s not alone as she broke into a big smile while talking with her new lover so softly.

Britney Spears displays her “Blue Bikini" curves in California

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Britney Spears was spotted strutting her stuff in a skimpy blue bikini while vacationing with her  boyfriend David Lucado.around the pool at a resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.
Wearing a teeny tiny blue string two-piece, the singer accessorized her daytime look with her trademark diamond belly ring and a classic pair of Rayban aviator sunglasses.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Heather Graham wears a “Skimpy Bikini” while vacationing around male friends in Brazil

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Heather Graham is on vacation and clearly doing her best to keep his beauty off.
She’s enjoying spending some quality beach time with her male friends actor, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha and Ken Jeong at Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Looking a little pretty around the middle, she strolled through the waves in a pair of skimpy bikini while taking to the cooling ocean.
Heather, meanwhile, was in such good shape as she was spotted sensibly cleaning her curves in the big undulating to performed some stretching exercises before hitting the sea.
And she’s not regretted her choice of swimsuit in a string bikini when a swell sent her spinning.
The 43 year old, in fact, looked to be getting on famously as she was seen smiling and laughing and, at one point, enjoyed a playful toss around her male friends while her beauty smilingly looked on.

Chris Smalling’s girlfriend, Sam Cooke shows off “Blue Light Bikini” at the beach in Barbados

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Chris Smalling will sit out Manchester United's next training sessions off and he had to walk by using a stick after surffering a paintful knee injury.
But lucikly, the 23 year old never looks happier than when he is spending time with his girlfriend, Sam Cooke on vacation in Barbados beach.
In a blue light bikini, she made sure that she’s a one of the most beauty girl in the world which the England defender ever look before.
All the perception were indeed took a place as he could not keep his eyes off to her girlfriend's flawless curves during they enjoyed a day of rest and relaxation along the beach.
Smiling happily, 28 year old Sam Cooke basked in the opportunity to show Manchester United star Chris why he has found the perfect partner.

Martin Skrtel’s wife, Barbora Lovasova flaunts a “Red Bikini” in Miami

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The happy couple, Martin Skrtel and Barbora Lovasova were clearly enjoying spending quality time together.
By wearing a red bikini, the beauty wife showed off her magnificent figure in a red bikini as they enjoyed their romantic moment on a sunlounger during a break at the beach in Miami, Florida.
The Slovak beauty had clearly packed plenty of bikinis for her Miami getaway and managed to parade two different ones throughout the day.
In afternoon, the pair was snapped walking on the sand and Barbora displayed another beauty body in floral two piece.
But i choose is a red, . . . . . cause, she looks more hot if take a deep in more lighting color.
How about you? please give your special message into the commentary column.

Jasmin Walia shows off “Orange Bikini” in the Sisu Boutique hotel, Spain

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As far as day jobs go, hers must be the most envious of them all.
And Jasmin Walia didn’t left her change into plenty of bikinis for a series photoshoot at a poolside in Marbella, Spain.
The model stretched her supremely toned and tanned figure out to display for all her best angles as the cameras clicked away.
However in different side, she enjoyed her filming scene with Abi Clarke and another bikini pals around the poolside.
Once again, Jasmin looked more svelte, sexy and fantastic in an orange bikini as the group appeared to have a more role in the Sisu Boutique hotel.

Mario Falcone and his new “Bikini" girlfriend are certainly in more closely phase in Marbella

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They may not have headed down the aisle quite yet, but Mario Falcone and a new girlfriend are certainly in more closely phase.
The pair could not keep their hands off each other as they enjoyed a day of rest and relaxation in Marbella on Saturday, 25 May.
With only eyes for each other, they frolicked their hot body on a board of his yacht to stepping into next level relationship.
I don’t know, does his ex girlfriend, Lucy Mecklenburgh has disappointed if seeing the pictures?
The mystery brunnette looked really smoking hot with her bikini curves and she’s truly displayed it for her new beau.
Mario couldn’t took her eyes into another side and Mario seem to have thrown himself back into a new journey.

Luize Altenhofen shows off “White Bikini" at Leblon beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Luize Altenhofen enjoyed her day out as she’s hit by the beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
And during sunbathing in the Leblon sunshine, it seems the brunette is destined to remain just that.
The 34 year old took in some rays by a white bikini during a break in the white sand as she’s prancing around so lightly with large designer sunglasses.
Fellow beach goers must have been praying while the ex playboy model’s lying down and showing off her magnificent curves with a glimpse of her assets.
Luize, in fact, really know about how to impressing for every male eyes in a provocative pose of her perfect curves and the beauty learned that all too well today

Nicole Murphy puts her figure on show in a “Black Bikini” while paddleboarding in Maui, Hawaii

Nicole Murphy shows off her bikini body on vacation in HAwaii May 2013

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Nicole Murphy was a sight to behold as she showed off her paddle boarding skills in Maui, Hawaii on Thursday, May 28..
The 45 year old glided along the calm glassy water atop her large blue and snow white board with a lime green oar.
She stood out in a black bikini with beautiful carved details as she handled her paddle with ease, balancing herself on the board with feet braced slightly apart.
Clearly not shy to displaying her body, the brunette lady happily frolicked around the ocean in the tiny two-piece all whilst displaying her toned abs and showed it off in all of its glory at the beach. Enjoy !

Paris Hilton is back in a “Monokini" along the beach in Maui, Hawaii

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Clearly not afraid to show off her super toned figure, Paris Hilton decided to wear the red monokini.
The 32 year old looked delighted as she strolled along the shore line with her long term boyfriend, River Viiperi, pulling in good health to ensure her body was on full as the couple spent therir romantic moments around the white sand in Maui, Hawaii.

Kylie Jenner posts an instagram pic of her “Bikini" body during family holiday in Greece

The 15 year old graced many magazine cover and modeled their pages to her enviable body.
And now, Kylie Jenner certainly still doing it to answer her Instagram fans as she flaunted her bikini figure during her recent family holiday in Greece.

Olivia Wilde shows off her slim figure in three different “Bikinis” during three days holiday in Hawaii

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It’s amazing if the brunette beauty managed to spend plenty of time by wearing three different bikinis in three days.
And there’s no doubt, they cann't stop the trafic whereever Olivia Wilde go with her fantastic figure to celebrate her beach romance with fiance, Jason Sudeikis in Hawaii.
The 29 year old showed off her toned figure in blue bikini on her first appearance and exposing her beauty material to wash off the sea water.
On the following day, Olivia slipped into an outfit to a good use as she demonstrated her athletic prowess in a paddle boarding session.
For the third straight day, the brunette beauty strutted around beach in a black bikini with Jason to make another passionate moment to the next level.
They were seen intimately by wrapped their arms each other during a swim session and the girl looked quite the expert when they stoke a fire for one another.

Melissa Riso takes a stroll in “Purple Bikini” along a beach in Malibu

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Melissa Riso looked fun in the sun while flaunting her slender body in the Malibu paradise.
The brunette has made her way to a beach and she made sure all eyes were on her as she showed off her tattoo covered figure in a hot Purple Bikini.

Courtney Robertson flaunts “Blue light Bikini” through a camera snaps in Los Angeles

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Showing off her body is something that comes naturally for Courtney Robertson.
And the 30 year old was doing just that as she paraded her flawless tan on the shores of Los Angeles beach, where she has been posing for photographers on Friday, May 17.
The professional model showed off her magnificent curves in blue light bikini as she’s prancing around so lightly on the powdery white sand in a selection snaps of two piece.
And the session is more hot as the brunette had let her hair blown by the ocean breeze to get a maximization style and she was more seen teasing with her beauty curves throughout the shoot.
She’s really know about how to impressing for every male eyes in a provocative pose of her perfect curves and the beauty learned that all too well today
Do you want to know much what she was saying? Scroll down and see more pictures of Courtney Robertson in the beach of Los Angeles.

Fernanda Marin manages her assets as her “Bandeau Bikini” slips off during ocean dip in Malibu

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Fernanda Marin looked distinctly lithe as she enjoyed some winter sun on holiday in Malibu this week.
Wearing a bandeau string bikini, she showed off her toned legs and washboard stomach as she made her way towards the blue waters
The Brazilian model really showed off feminine figure to die for, especially when she may have exposed a little too much skin as she exited the turquoise ocean front, holding up her triangular top with both hands to keep it from falling down.
It was all going swimmingly for the bombshell until the brunette went for a dip and emerged with her bikini clinging to her in all the wrong places.
Surely, we'd get another holiday booked in now, if we were you Fernanda Marin. Sounds like you're gonna need it.

Anais Zanotti shows off her flat abs in “Red Bikini" while she chilled out by a pool in Miami

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Anais Zanotti was looking picture perfect as she relaxed by the swimming pool of the Hotel in Miami.
And her toned and strong body was barely contained, in a bikini that struggled to comfortably withhold all of her assets.
So it's only natural that Anais Zanotti would want to keep in contact with her nearest and dearest via her lucky phone.
But it would seem one of her pals back home had sent the star a particularly cheeky message by the somewhat bemused look on her face.
Showcasing her flat stomach and killer tan in a hot red string bikini as she relaxed on a sun lounger, the brunette looked more than just a gorgeous girl with her long black hair and it could be make us disappointed if this heavenly appearance is just to be here.

Alice Eve wearing “Bikini” in Star Trek Into Darkness scene

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As one the hottest of British Import actress in Hollywood, It’s normally if Alice Eve as Dr.Carol Marcus’s two piece body has became the talk on the internet.
The creation was not much expected by various crew and staff for the Star trek, but this scene is the first appearance of bikini on all star trek filming.
And the screenwriter of Star Trek Into Darkness, Damon Lindelof couldn’t say anything and being apology comes after unmentionables Eve’s scene.
Only then, Damon Lindelof talks about her Alice wows, by saying:
"Suffice to say, her purpose in the film was minimal and they made her stand around in underwear for absolutely no reason. We didn't even see an actual display of the intelligence she was touted to have.”

Zoe Hardman relaxes her beauty body in a “White Bikini” around a poolside in Ibiza

Zoe Hardman was a sunbathing beauty as she lounged with pals around the poolside in Ibiza.
By wearing a white stripped bikini, the brunette presenter looked in fine form which perfectly accentuated her toned body and washboard stomach.
Early this week, she tweeted a picture that showing of her beauty legs while she soaked up the sun on her hotel balcony by saying:
“Wakey wakey boys!”

Thursday, May 30, 2013

100 + Helen Flanagan Top Bikini Pictures

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We're getting a head start on celebrations with a look back at her best bikini pictures.
Helen Flanagan’s been no stranger to the two-piece and looks equally as fantastic in a swimwear on camera as she does while lounging on the pool or beach.
The star and her impressive assets are a constant presence on websites across the globe.
And it has been thrilling a few sheets and columns of FHM magazine to choose her as the best and the most perfect body.
Especially, she has been named as the UK’s Sexiest Woman in The World 2013 list of FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women.
So, we can celebrate as she’s being voted the UK’s top girl by looking her hot bikini moment during her carer and’s narrowed them down to 100 + Helen Flanagan Top Bikini Pictures.
Please click, see and scroll down your mouse with slowly. Don’t forget to touch down your eyes to see them all. Enjoy!

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The actress sizzled in a blue light bikini with tattoo on her left corner legs as she played in the sea in Dubai (23/3/13).
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Helen Flanagan is often spotted heading to her gruelling daily workout session.
But in a new work out video by Ladbrokes, the Manchester City Wag’s served a good table in different way and unique.

image host

After her jungle appearance in fourth different bikinis.
Helen’s body usually get a center of attention. And now, she was spotted playing in the Grosvenor hotel pool in Dubai.


So, Helen Flanagan has dolled up to become the perfect housewife in a New! Magazine shots.
But made it clear that the new housewife would always want a career of her own.

But unfortunately, the FHM Shoot scenes can be banned from for being too sexy.
So here above, all the sexiest pictures and video of Helen Flanagan shoots At

In series of shots, Helen draws attention to her pert posterior, while staring moodily into the camera.

Magnificent! Helen Flanagan Shows Off Her “Black Bikini” Asset For MF Magazine

Svelte! The beauty star looked trim and toned in her leopard two piece as she strolled along the I’m A celebrity show.







Helen Flanagan has been having quite a hard time in  the jungle in Australia and has been subjected to every single bushtucker trial possible.
But Helen’s appearance on the show is a far cry from her glamorous look on a night out.



 Helen Flanagan in bikini number one on I’m A Celebrity. This time, she’s wearing a blue trusty two piece and she showed off her another perfected body on the wild of jungle.





She doesn't waste much time! I'm A Celebrity's Helen Flanagan showers in her bikini as she struggles with camp life



She's wasted no time in showing her magnificent body off in all their glory now she's out of the jungle for I'm celebrity. In the shot, Helen is seen wearing a pair of skimpy red bikini thongs.