Saturday, June 7, 2014

Candice Swanepoel shares Bikini body secrets, Talks Gracefully on

Candice Swanepoel shares Bikini body secrets, Talks Gracefully on
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Everybody human in the world certainly know that she’s always right about the gorgeous point.
Basically when Candice Swanepoel’s installment her dressing so this Eradiate string bikini is totally true to her signature pared back aesthetic.
The Victoria’s Secret model can never fail in a two-piece style, it’s eternally chic, tasteful and will work with everything in your beach babe diamond art.
Following her secret confession to, the 25-year-old has revealed about how she keeps her figure in beach ready condition.
The stunning blonde is in an intense to make the best decision for always taking care with her favorite instrument when she’s going journey for job or vacation.
Because I’m in the ocean all the time, I use a lot of different oils and conditioning creams on my hair,” the Supermodel realized about striving clause of her career.
Then she improved a unique description through a statement which is quite humble, by saying: “Sun protection is really important for me. My face really burns and it’s not cute! My facialist gives me a really strong sunscreen, and I wear that every day, whether it’s sunny or not.”
Mm m m m m. . . .  It is an inspirational method - both on the inside or outside, but please, don’t tell to us about your ugliness.
Because if it’s going to be the truth, you will not to be selecting as the number one greatest hot lady ever on Maxim’s Hot 100 list for 2014.

Friday, June 6, 2014

‭Gisele Bunchen in Classic point of Green Bikini for Elle Canada

‭Discussing about her relationship with the sport activity. Today for the Elle Canada, the 33-year-old’s look like ready to being the most beauty manager ever of Brazilian soccer team.
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‭Does anyone who doubted that Gisele Bundchen has left her natural diamond side into the July 2014 issue of Elle Canada.
‭No, she’s sharing her great lovely charm into her own Instagram account as she shows off a solitude pose with yoga and a yellow flower along a river on Thursday, June 5, 2014.
‭By the way, you’ve got to hand it to the Brazilian supermodel, not only does her body looks amazing in this series of magazine photographs, but her choice of swimwear’s always second to none.
‭This classic body green number is a real eye-catching bikini while she’s elaborating her diamond pose with a floral cut-out kaftans and glamorizing her long blonde hair loosely into one side.
‭Speaking about her fanatic point to the sport, she said to the magazine: “I’ve been athletic since I was little.”
‭“I was the captain of my volleyball team. I used to jog - even almost lost in winter. I’m Sport Spice,” she added.
‭Hey, can’t blame the gallery for showing off what she’s got cause from today, we should to know about how to be looking great like Gisele Bunchen. Don’t you?

‭Katy Perry’s great Body Confidence! to July 2014 Issue of Cosmopolitan

 Yes, the Cosmopolitan magazine for the July 2014 issue were shedding a squeaky clean images of the greatest singer, Katy Perry ever.
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‭Hmm, why we are not surprising? the stunning beauty still looks amazing in a half of garment.
‭And the Cosmopolitan should only be sold to over 18-year-old after
the 29-year-old’s drawing her body language sentences on their cover for the July 2014 issue of the magazine.
‭So it’s handy that she loves to stay in active, and keep her anatomy looking to best in the process.
‭In another fine form,
Katy Perry talks to much about her close relationship for 14 months marriage with Russel Brand while exposing her toned legs as well as her beauty charm.
‭“It feels like a hundred lifetimes ago, so it’s like digging up an old grave A lot of therapy has happened and a lot of understanding and growth,” she shedding her squeaky clean image at an early career life.
‭Then, the singer shares a conclusion about the final round to split by admitted: “You have to go through the mud in order to find that peaceful place. In the long run, it was necessary for me to have more of a teammate.”
‭Sound like the gallery’s got some serious dedication. But how if she’s doing all of these wonderful time to appreciate for her romance edition as she wants to write a song about the last rift relation with John Mayer.
‭What’s so funny if the extraordinary heights were not going in one episode.

‭Kate Hudson parades her incredible Bikini shapes into the new ads of Fabletics

Kate Hudson shows off her toned physique on the new ads for her Fabletics line of athletic wear.
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‭What will going happen? If the truth will always be right.
‭But it’s not just the blue fresh weather of sky we’re looking at, that light of incredible pose lining is just as amazing.
‭The fact of fantastic shape on Kate Hudson, it’s well known for a draping techniques, as well as its modern, asymmetric and highly feminine figure ever.
‭In just a lovely touch, the stunning lady who is married to hunky Chris Robinson, is sure to generate some attention of her own with her amazing method into the new
workout ads of Fabletics.
‭The mother of two, whose yoga practice keeps her lean and fit, is featured inside striking a yoga balancing pose and sprinting into the sands while stretching her long legs.
‭As far how she stays in shape, the 35-year-old tells: “I’m a DVD girl. I always go back to the Brazilian lift DVD, which is really fun and a good workout for when you’re traveling.”
‭“If you feel good in them you might want to show up to the spin class or yoga class. I really want to incorporate the versatility of working out and lifestyle (in my designs) - having that being a motivating factor for women to be active,”
the actress’s adding by her own statement to making a more good idea for the time.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Jennifer Lopez defies the gravity of Laguna beach in a White Bikini

By fixing up the statement, the 44-year-old was seen getting relaxed at Laguna beach on Wednesday, May 28, 2014.
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She still looked like she was having as much fun on the public stated opinion.
According to Woman’s day report that her toy boy, Casper Smart has ever a difficult situation of close relation with another girl.
Of course, it wouldn’t be a true family gateway without the solution as Jennifer Lopez refused about the gossip news by soaking up the sunshine in Laguna beach with her man.
Perhaps inspired to the hard work for recent year, the 44-year-old displayed her brief and a great credential anatomy in a white bikini along the California sands on Wednesday, May 28, 2014.
But the hegemony have been going to the air after the dancer, Sofie Vissa confessed to the site about her first chatting with Smart, by saying: “I remember I put those has tags on one of my photos and when I went back to look at my phone I’d got a request from Casper.”
So what’s the scandal? Casper answered the 27-year-old’s allegation by typing: “Negativity,” than he wrote: “Lucky you didn’t waste your money. There are non. I just did a huge charity event yesterday and have to come home to this best. . . sad what the media does to people.

YouTube! Cameron Diaz in a Red Bikini with Jason Segel for new UK trailer

Yap, the unfortunately tragedy who will be released in the US Cinemas on Friday, July 25, 2014 and UK on Friday, September 5, 2014 are left the big screaming and shuts the notebook as fast as the 34-year-old actor, Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz can do.
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Clearly she won’t have to look far for inspiration when it comes to regaining her beauty melody to her job.
From Marilyn Monroe to Kate Upton - Cameron Diaz is more than well versed in playing the well of Naughty girl with Jason Segel in the new UK trailer.
The 41-year-old is seen flirting her husband on their bedroom in a white top shirt and red bikini as the character as Annie accidentally send their private video to the majority of their family and friends.
In superbly fast approach, the hilarious nightmare have come as Jason gets a special message by phone texting, which says: “Enjoyed your video. Thanks for sharing. Xoxo.”
What’s more! their tape was watching by various people who were there in the auditorium and by speedily, they clarified the incident that is quite astonishing.
But naturally, the actress looks more beauty than ever while she shares all her maximum points into multiple nice expression of the language physique, great anatomy, perfect legs until her enviably long blonde hair in the scene.
So if folks were in need of an incentive to watch, while, they’re certainly got one now and please, see more from the images and video below.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Caroline Wozniacki wears a blue bikini at Miami on Sunday,‭ ‬June‭ ‬1,‭ ‬2014‭

The gorgeous blonde Caroline Wozniacki, who smartly took her perfect shapes for the trek through the Miami beach, Tampa, Florida, USA on Sunday, June 1, 2014 with another great tennis athlete, Serena Williams.
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If there was a slight spike in the heat at the beach in Tampa this weekend, we know why.
So, The two Female Bosses are back, and looking better than ever if this swim wears style are anything to go by.
We love the fringe effect of Caroline Wozniacki’s figure flattering blue bandeau line bikini, as well as the super body of Serena Williams in a leopard one-piece.
And the all happiness on Sunday, June 1, 2014 have been presented to celebrating the Danish beauty’s split from the golfing athlete, Rory McIlroy and the 24-year-old expressed her gently excitement through a high spirit by playing a rugby ball along the Florida waves.
Staying true to herself isn’t easy, but during her recent heartbreak on the seashore, Serena’s incredible job will be getting the point ace of two thumbs.
The stunning blonde looked like to be on a new date, which is going pretty fast untouchable by considering to her separated moment after last week, Rory announced their wedding invitations.
How can I say. . . . . . While Caroline Wozniacki’s perfect anatomy usually grab all the attention, for once we’re actually more focused on what is going on in the background.

‭Michelle Rodriguez wraps her beauty in a White Bikini, hangs with friends in France

The actress, Michelle Rodriguez turned heads into a great swimwear design from Paula Hermanny during her vacation in Cap d’ Antibes, France with male friends, Mohammed Al Turki and Stephanie Seymour son, Peter Brandt. Jr on Saturday, May 24, 2014.
View the gallery / 52 pictures and 4 videos. . . . . . . .
Michelle Rodriguez may be not known before for her High fashion style, but in some cases of swimwear for a few days. . . . . . less is more.
‭After her two-piece appearance yesterday, she certainly couldn’t stop to translating her another great fashion argument as she flaunted her incredible figure in white line bikini by labeled from Paula Hermanny.
‭The Latinos beauty was seen enjoying her break out on a poolside of Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc, France with Mohammed Al Turki and Stephanie Seymour son, Peter Brandt. Jr on Saturday, May 24, 2014.
‭Of course, it was a similar scene and she was memorably described that the destination are her favorite vacation place for a long time.
‭The Cannes weather might not be warm enough, so please don’t be panicky if the 35-year-old looked very lively such a children in their home sweet home.
‭What’s more, the actress’s unceasingly to explored every corner of an existing pool by prancing around, scrambled up the rocks, jumped from one side to the other point and launching herself skillfully into the crystal water.
‭Yes, Such a sight is certainly not a bad away to end the work week. All in all, we think it’s safe to say that Michelle Rodriguez is a perfect creature of habit. Don’t you ?

Eliza Doolittle Frolics In A Green Bikini In Miami

‭The 26-year-old was doing what she does best in a lovely two-piece design from Lara Ventura in Tampa, Florida, USA on Tuesday, May 27, 2014.
View the gallery / 44 pictures and 4 videos. . . . . .
‭Hey, if you’re gone have a mega nip slip on the beach, it helps to having a killer bikini body like Eliza’s, right?
‭It’s a tough job and Eliza Doolittle’s certainly one girl who know about how to stroll up a storm in a swimwear as she was in high spirits by a green two-piece on vacation at Miami, FL, USA.
‭And be wheeling, we should be more appreciated to what she has done for Lara Ventura design on Tuesday, May 27, 2014.
‭But taking a deserved break from song writing, which is the main focus of her vacation. . . . So kept your eyes on one step behind cause her day moment had have a winning point from the mystery muscle man beside her.
‭Then it was harder if it looked, for the 26-year-old had donned a particularly skimpy snake bikini for the latest outing on Wednesday, May 28, 2014.
‭Of course, as any former singer will testify, sometimes the soft sands do not supply quite enough spinal support, which was surely the reason she later retreated from her coveted spot on the sand.
‭Yes, the crystal water of seashore seemed to be having a great time for freshen up her perfect anatomy while the long hair curls going to end for wet.
‭See more Eliza Doolittle’s Bikini body into the images gallery below.

Adrien Brody girlfriend, Lara Lieto Shows Off Blue Bikini in Cannes, France

The gorgeous lady was spotted hanging out by herself on her Cannes hotel balcony on Thursday, May 22, 2014.
View the gallery / 18 pictures and 4 videos. . . . . .
The gorgeous lady, Lara Lieto started her Thursday morning off right with a great smile and beautiful sunrise in the Hotel du Cap Eden Roc.
Sitting on her room sun lounger, she showed off her fit and fabulous body in an aqua marine bikini with sunglasses, hand phone and red nail polish.
But why? she’s growing alone for the moment and where is the great actor of boyfriend, Andrien Brody?
Still and all, she seemed pleased to the situation as she delighted a great sweet laugh after checked a message on her phone.
At one point, she’s drawing her beauty by perfectly while letting her long brown hair going freely beside the two of her shoulders.
Inspection more of Lara Lieto’s Aqua Marine Bikini bathing on the images gallery below.

Alex Curran gives her glimpse in a Purple Bikini as she raises the temperatures in Portugal

The 32-year-old got into the tropical spirit of things enjoying a sunshine by herself in Portugal on Tuesday, may 29, 2014.

All work and no play? that’s not how Alex Curran Gerrard does things, people.
The British buxom was snapped to soaking up the sun by herself in her best anatomy performance during a break at the beach in Portugal on Tuesday, May 29, 2014.
So, who’s the man can deny that the 31-year-old has two thumbs for every points about her enviably curvaceous physique and it is astounding.
While her husband, Steven Gerrard prepared for the England national team, the stunning brunette showed off a very good sentences of beach fashion by teamed her sunglasses and the bikini color in the same, namely is a purple.
The WAGs wore her blonde hair tousled up on a braided bun and combined her outfit with several gold bracelets and necklaces.
As the summer fades into the distant memory, the beauty was revealed the island hold a very special place in her heart and why you should be ashamed to take an inspiration from her luxury diamond style for today. . . . . . Please look and watch more for details.

Barbora Lovasova slips into a Blue Bikini to cool off on Miami beach Break

The Slovakian beauty, Barbora Lovasova was evidently keen to show them what the fashion world have missing during her latest outing in Miami on Sunday,‭ ‬May‭ ‬25,‭ ‬2014.
View the gallery‭ ‬/‭ ‬48 pictures and 4 videos.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.
Look like the cat that got the cream in the summer style approaches.
During the dreamy session,‭ ‬Mr. and Mrs. Skrtel are now making us more green with envy with each passing day on their vacation at Miami on Sunday,‭ ‬May‭ ‬26,‭ ‬2014.
Barbora Lovasova clearly needed a good pair of sunglasses for the holiday‭ ‬-‭ ‬not only to shade her eyes from the sun,‭ ‬but also from her dazzling diamond physique.
In beach living,‭ ‬the Slovakian buxom seemed very beauty in a pale blue lacy bikini during her morning occasion on the sands with husband,‭ ‬Martin Skrtel.
The WAGs looked very impressive as she didn‭’‬t letting her long hair to unkempt through the beautiful platform of hair freely although sometimes she tied up her crown into one side.
What‭’‬s more,‭ ‬her genius ray ban are for everybody,‭ ‬which is the idea behind their models ranging in age from‭ ‬3‭ ‬to‭ ‬92‭ ‬years old.
Yes,‭ ‬the Cat eye sunglasses have ever really been out of style since the days of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe with their thick frames and retro feel.
So please add a touch of feline femininity to your look with Barbora Lovasova‭’‬s shades and they have the ability to give any look a quirky edge as well as an tuber glamorous appearance show.

Amy Willerton goes barefoot in a Blue Bikini during a showering session in France

The stunning lady, Amy Willerton heading to the beach at Cannes, France on Friday,‭ ‬May‭ ‬30,‭ ‬2014‭ ‬are looking forward to some a few attention for love taken to an exotic seashore in a blue bikini
View the gallery‭ ‬/‭ ‬24 pictures and 4 videos.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.
One glance at these sultry new images featuring Amy Willerton and we‭’‬re all shook up‭!
And we‭’‬re having a feeling of de ja vu as the‭ ‬21-year-old could give a million dollars something a run for their money with her trim physique during a vacation in Cannes,‭ ‬France.
The stunning lady heading to the beach on Friday,‭ ‬May‭ ‬30,‭ ‬2014‭ ‬are looking forward to some a few attention for love taken to an exotic seashore.
Especially for blondes who given a perfect show and brushing her incredible style with several working hard schedule on the sands after the greatest appearance on Cannes red carpet.
She came closely with an eye catching orange short dress then without another explanation,‭ ‬she‭’‬s suddenly didn‭’‬t afraid to took off her summer uniform into an aqua marine bikini.
As the summer fades into distant memory,‭ ‬it‭’‬s time to spare a thought for those style mavens on perpetual holiday,‭ ‬and take inspiration from her extensive summer beach fashion for today.
Wait.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.was there anyone that didn‭’‬t‭ ‬do a double take of Amy Willerton‭’‬s sexy bathing suit photos‭? ‬No‭? ‬That‭’‬s what we thought.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬See more‭ !

‭Karent Sierra goes incredible in a Green Bikini as she soaks up the sun in Miami

The 39-year-old really showed off her impressive curves to the full during her vacation on Thursday, May 22, 2104 in Miami, FL, USA.
View the gallery / 23 pictures. . . . . .
‭Soaking up the sunshine is good for the soul. . . . . .Ok may be, it’s no just for the skin.
‭And the 39-year-old buxom was success to made the brave decision during enjoyed the sunshine in Miami on Thursday, May 22, 2014.
‭The Real Housewives of Miami gave up her quest to keep her curves contained in a green string bikini and took it off for relaxing on a sun lounger.
‭And it’s proved to be as Karent Sierra had hold the beachgoers enthused for hours as she pushed the garment to the limit and elaborating her style by dark bucket hat and a ray ban.
‭It was clear that she had managed to make it more perfectly from fellow holiday makers to rub in some extra suntan lotion onto her whole beauty physique.
‭As many visitor of beach odyssey will testify, by reminding all the beautiful women to get your yearly.
‭Inspection more of Karent Sierra’s green bikini bathing on the images gallery below.
‭But please, put your great words gratify into the commentary column. . . . . .Cause it’s will pushing me to getting another lovely spirit for articles on the next.

Jessica Wright wearing a Black bikini in Tampa,‭ ‬Florida

Jessica Wright frolicked at the sea in Tampa,‭ ‬Florida on Friday,‭ ‬May‭ ‬30,‭ ‬2014‭ ‬with a male companion.
View the gallery‭ ‬/‭ ‬25‭ ‬pictures and 2 videos.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.
Flaunting her fabulous figure in a tropical vintage moment of two-piece,‭ ‬Jessica Wright looked confident and trendy.
And what better way to get you in the mood for more exotic climes than vivacious hygienic prints that have been ubiquitous on the runways.
The‭ ‬28-year-old can work into any style,‭ ‬and with out selection of tropical swimwear from high street to designer,‭ ‬she can go from pin up to prim and proper in a black bikini during a vacation in Tampa,‭ ‬Florida on Friday,‭ ‬May‭ ‬30,‭ ‬2014.
Lucky day for boyfriend,‭ ‬Rick Payment who accompanied her seashore getaway by strolling and paddle boarding in make-up free and silver trunks
It‭’‬s clearly no stranger to the needle too,‭ ‬judging into the pictures below as the macho man is always ready to provide a few great touch with a lotion of sun cream to her statuesque physique.
This is what Swimsuit does best and we‭’‬re thrilled to see it captured in such a memorable images.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬See more,‭ ‬buddy‭!

Emma Miller displays her knock out in a Green Bikini around the yacht in Monaco

The gorgeous proved that she has curves in all the right places during soaked up the sun by herself among the Infiniti Podium Lounge yacht in South of France on Friday,‭ ‬May‭ ‬23,‭ ‬2014.
View the gallery‭ ‬/‭ ‬20 pictures and 2 videos.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.
How can I say if the truth is going always better when the beauty getting ready to go work.
Cause her perfect toned body was hard to miss as Emma Miller relaxed in a sun lounger among the Infiniti Podium Lounge yacht at Monaco on Friday,‭ ‬May‭ ‬23,‭ ‬2014.
The fashion blogger showed off her beauty and sophisticated in a pale green lacy bikini while the number of little red flowers on centre and left side hanging so deliciously.
So instead of letting someone else deal with it,‭ ‬the ex-girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio decided to drawing it up by striking her perfect anatomy with the lotion.
But why there‭’‬s no an attention from the other man to helping hand a sunscreen into the exemplary of a lonely lady skin ever.
She looked like she didn‭’‬t have a care in the world as she took off her two-piece and changed to a black one-piece on another scorching day moment in the same place.
Well,‭ ‬what ever effort she did.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭  ‬.‭ ‬.Safe to say E‭’‬s body is only bound to get better.‭ ‬Inspection more of Emma Miller‭’‬s Green Bikini bathing on the images gallery below.

Chloe Goodman lets her natural Bikini‭ ‬beauty shine on vacation in Malaga,‭ ‬Spain

In the alright and natural pose,‭ ‬the stunning beauty, Chloe Goodman was joined with her sister as they lounged by a hotel pool in Malaga,‭ ‬Spain on Sunday,‭ ‬May‭ ‬23,‭ ‬2014.
View the gallery‭ ‬/‭ ‬26‭ ‬pictures and 2 videos.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.
We‭’‬re a little bit envious of that body and the sound of the vacation.
And it looked like that Chloe Goodman‭’‬s sticking to the lighter‭ ‬style as she opted to keep the leisure going freely during a vacation at Malaga Spain on Sunday,‭ ‬May‭ ‬23,‭ ‬2014.
The stunning beauty scorching her perfect body in an aqua marine bikini and we‭’‬re certainly having a feeling of de ja vu while the two-piece effortlessly brought the ten points.
Then the beachgoer eyes could still getting their hands on it as‭ ‬20-year-old reflecting her diamond physique in a blue tiger swimsuit along the seashore with her sister,‭ ‬Lauren.
So why not do the same as Chloe and translated this big trend for the vacation‭? ‬Take a look more at gallery bellow.

Jennifer Hawkins shoots in Bikinis for Myer's spring-summer campaign in Fiji

View the gallery / 30 pictures and 4 videos. . . . . . .
‭After her great participating moment in the Miss Universe 2004, there’s no denying if she is the best for the perfect figure.
‭Then suddenly that never a day goes by that we aren’t inundated with photos of Jennifer Hawkins posing in various style of garment design.
‭And today, the 30-year-old’s showing off her beach look simple while flaunting her incredible body in a few bikinis for Myer’s next spring and summer campaign in Fiji on Tuesday, May 27, 2014.
‭Jennifer’s name may not ring a bell such Irina Shayk, Gisele Bundchen, Kate Upton or Candice Swanepoel, but you’ve definitely seen her glory, she was named by.
‭With a group of local Fijian school childrens, she was able to get out her sexy two-piece and shimmy into a gorgeous gown of long red dress.
‭At one point, the Australian beauty looked to be going more bravely and glamorizing as she’s drawing her long blonde hair loosely in natural wavy curls.
‭No more word for the ending. . . . . . Best of all that Jennifer Hawkins is down to earth.

‭Lindsay Arnold and Witney Carson “Bikini" body on Paddle boarding in Hawaii

 Witney Carson looked to be having a great time when she went paddle boarding with Lindsay Arnold in Hawaii, USA on Sunday, May 25, 2014.
View the gallery / 34 pictures and 2 videos. . . . . . . .
‭It’s really happy moment and the girls had anything point about the beauty and perfection of body shape.
‭So when Lindsay Arnold and Witney Carson headed out to the beach in Hawaii, USA on Sunday, May 25, 2014, they certainly didn’t wanted the vacation going to end.
‭The buxom looked to be having a great time when they were seen turning their hand to paddle boarding.
‭Witney took her best choice of swimwear in a white two-piece and the 20-year-old kept her beach look simple in a black
‭But on one great moment, the 21-year-old proved that she loved being the centre of attention as she practiced an acrobatic skill before waded across the sea.
‭In another case, Lindsay never stopped to immortalized their beautiful state with a set of light from the camera phone.
‭Mmm. . . . . It seems that today is a very great situation for the Dancing With The Stars pros and all of us who seeing their pictures glory on articles. Keep up the good work, Honey!

‭Jeremy Piven enjoys his vacation with a mystery Bikini girl in France

The 48-year-old was seen enjoying the sunshine with new mystery girl in Cannes, France on Sunday, May 25, 2014.
View the gallery / 15 pictures and 2 videos. . . . . . .
‭He’s certainly not shy of female attention, and has his pick of beautiful women to spend time with on his break from the 67th annual Cannes Film Festival.
‭But there was one lady in particular who stood out from Jeremy Piven’s bevy of beauties as the blue birds soaked up the sunshine at the beach in France on Sunday, May 25, 2014.
‭As you have estimate, they was seen enjoying the stunning views of maneuvering from the romantic vacation by paddle boarding at the sea.
‭The mystery woman was seen showing off her bombshell anatomy in a white bikini while the actor covered his muscle in a blue shorts and white hat.
‭And it seems that the 48-year-old was thoroughly enjoying the company of the stunning woman, as he was later seen taking a best point from the moment on a board experience.
‭Yap, such a sight is certainly not a bad way to end the work week. Enjoy your vacation, Piven, before it’s back to work.

‭Amy Willerton Is Pretty In A Floral Bikini In Switzerland

The 21-year-old, Amy Willerton’s glam floral bikini at matches during her revealed vacation in Switzerland on Thursday, May 22, 2014.
View the gallery / 9 pictures and 4 videos. . . . . .
‭Being that it’s her job to look stunning in swimsuits, it’s no surprise that the model did exactly that after she took off her life vest.
‭What do you think if Amy Willerton have yet to confirm her day on a hot tub. . . . . . it was clear things have turned intimate between the pair.
‭Briefly color detailing is the perfect way to up the ante of your basic two-piece, and thankfully for us the look has hit the high street too.
‭An you can snap up by the 21-year-old’s glam floral bikini at matches during her revealed vacation in Switzerland on Thursday, May 22, 2014.
‭Suddenly, it’s not her first swimwear show on the Confoederatio Helvetica and I will choose the red one color of her first looking trim and toned on a federal parliamentary country.
‭Please, inspection more of Amy Willerton’s floral bikini show on the images gallery below.

‭Anna Faris and Chris Pratt Show Off Toned Beach Bodies on Vacation in Hawaii

She has a good slender frame and Anna Faris hit the beach in Hawaii with husband, Chris Pratt on Friday May 23, 2014, she looked slimmer than ever.

‭She has a good slender frame and Anna Faris hit the beach in Hawaii with husband, Chris Pratt on Friday May 23, 2014, she looked slimmer than ever.
‭Proving that all her hard work in the gym does pay off, the 37-year-old displayed a washboard stomach and perfectly toned abs in a black bikini.
‭She also ditched her usual full face of make up and decided to go bare faced, covering her eyes with a pair of sunglasses.
‭Meanwhile, Chris was seen strutting his muscular physique around the beach too, bare chesty and wearing a pair of flowery swimming trunks.
‭Being their wedding for five years ago, it’s definitely agrees with these couple statement because they look like they’re in the best shape of their lives.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Adriana Lima Is Pretty In A White Dress In New York City

 The 32-year-old showed off her stunning figure to perfection on the Amazonia Beverages Coconut Water Campaign in New York City, USA on Saturday, May 31, 2014.
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‭At each legging show, she has given a total note to the fashion world by her perfect style of anatomy character.
‭So its unsurprising that she pulled out all in one way as Adriana Lima toughening up a little white dress in New York City, USA on Saturday, May 31, 2014.
‭The 32-year-old teamed her great appearance with an embroidered handbag, silver high heels and allowing her long hair into one side.
‭Of course, the drawing went to maximize point while the Brazilian letting herself to advertised the coconut water brand with the bottle nudged onto her sweet chin.
‭Then the supermodel balanced her great legs with the two hands in the air as she rocking her incredible physique among the local music group from her country.
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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are still engaged as they on a red carpet in Los Angeles

Angelina Jolie was trying to apply her perfect fashion statement when she wore a beautiful black dress alongside her boyfriend Brad Pitt on Wednesday, May 28, 2014 at Los Angeles, USA.
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Why oh why! the Hollywood macho man was put a ring on it for two year ago, but the duo star are still not yet organized their final. has exclusively learned that our very own entertainment, Brad Pitt and his girlfriend, Angelina Jolie.
We’ve not learned the surprise proposal happened in the fashion blogger’s hometown as the couple haven’t even bought a wedding dress.
According the report from USA today: “We don’t have any plans to get married at the moment. Nothing is organized. Nothing is ready. I don’t have a dress.
In the LA premiere of Maleficent red carpet, he and fiancé were still provided a lovely romance sentences as the long-term walked down with their six children’s on Wednesday, May 28, 2014.
It matters to us in a very private way. But we also understand that we’re public people,” the 38-year-old actress added.
By the way, Jolie has always wanted to be a controversial figure and it is not possible if their marriage would suddenly walk or may not occur.
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