Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mariah Carey Graces The Cover Of Vibe Magazine

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I love Mariah Carey‘s new look, I really do. But is this the whole new look?
She shows off her svelte figure in various bikini and swimsuit for the cover of Vibe magazine.
They’ve got a fantastic summertime look going on. No green screen here, Vibe flew to the Caribbean island of Antigua to shoot Mariah in her favorite outifit: anything itsy bitsy or mini and skimpy. This time it was a black bikini. Too bad these types of magazine articles are crafted months in advance or they might have checked her fingers for that Cannon ring. That whole rumored marriage to Nick is so left field, it’s easier not to believe it than to do any kind of investigative digging.
Mariah Cannon. How’s that sound? Actually.. not that bad.
Pictures below.

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