Thursday, April 18, 2013

20 Bikini Pictures Of NBA Celebrity Fans

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Enjoy some good NBA action and we enjoy watching them do it.
Whether they're watching their husband or boyfriend, scoping things out for a new man, having a girls night out or just enjoying some good basketball ... for the most part.
Most of the lovely ladies on this list are fans of NBA teams with winning records, or close to it. 

Of course, that also means that some of them are frontrunners.
But, most of the ladies on this list root for either the Miami Heat or Los Angeles Lakers, so they're definitely bandwagon fans for the team in South Beach, unless they live there of course.

Blake Lively's naturally a Lakers fan

Beyonce Knowles whispers to Miami Heat
Courtney Rachel Culkin, the hottest Playboy girls who roots for the Knicks
Eliza Dushku, Hottie who loves the Celtics
Marisa Miller’s going wild for Chicago gal and hot Bulls fan
Francesca Frigo likes the Heat
 Gisele Bundchen's a fan of the hometown Celtics
Gabrielle Union for another Miami fan
 La La Vazquez
She's married to Carmelo Anthony, so it's pretty obvious

Jaime Edmondson another Heat fan
Hope Dworaczyk, hot Bunny roots for the Bulls
Jessica Alba, actually a hot Clippers fan. Take that, Lakers!

Charlize Theron is another Lakers fan

Maria Menounos isn't Celtics green, but she's a Boston fan
Kavita Channe is a Heat fan

 Elizabeth Banks is a Blazers fan
 Halle Berry, we all know who Halle roots for

Jessica Biel for the Grizzlies and looks good in the process
Mallory Hagan, the beauty Queen in Brooklyn

Aubri Hart for the Mavs

Ashley Mattingly for the Lakers, but who cares?


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