Saturday, May 18, 2013

Brandi Glanville showcases Blue Bikini body at her Los Angeles home

What do you think? Did LeAnn Rimes husband made a big mistakes . . . .
But if we see at their ages, LeAnn is 30 year old and Brandi Glanville is 10 year older. Exactly, she is now 40 years old.
However, she’s never lost as incendiary sexy appeal as this bikini shoot proves.
Tall, toned but still replete with the requisite amount of hairpin curves, Brandi was a sight for sore eyes as she posed in a tiny turquoise bikini outside her L.A. home.
With her long blonde hair tumbling around her shoulders, Brandi looked fresh-faced and lovely as she showed off those well honed abs. 
Well, until that happy day, you'll always have a manificent curvy and physique, Lady!

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Is LeAnn more sexy! she’s wearing a white bikini last month
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Brandi with her boys, Mason and Jake in California

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