Friday, May 31, 2013

Jasmin Walia shows off “Orange Bikini” in the Sisu Boutique hotel, Spain

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As far as day jobs go, hers must be the most envious of them all.
And Jasmin Walia didn’t left her change into plenty of bikinis for a series photoshoot at a poolside in Marbella, Spain.
The model stretched her supremely toned and tanned figure out to display for all her best angles as the cameras clicked away.
However in different side, she enjoyed her filming scene with Abi Clarke and another bikini pals around the poolside.
Once again, Jasmin looked more svelte, sexy and fantastic in an orange bikini as the group appeared to have a more role in the Sisu Boutique hotel.

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Jasmin on a photoshoot session
Jasmin with her pal, Abi Clarke for filming scene in the Sisu Boutique hotel
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The girls walked together as they attended the Marbella white party on the night before

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