Tuesday, June 25, 2013

30 PHOTOS: Paula Creamer shows off “Bikini” body at Hawaii

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Paula Creamer in another bikini shots after the final day, she’s been kept in touch with her Twitter account.
But further or more, she’s considering about the publication of her flawless curves and here, Paula’s stunning figure is a number which never forget until that happy day.
The beauty blonde’s healthy eating and her signature on the golf fields has most definitely paid as she flaunted her incredible shapes in a black polka dot bikini with a white hat.
Chasing in the sun on Hawaii, the 27 year old has been relaxing and recharging with a few close of golfer friends; Nicole Hage, Jessica Korda and Brittany Lang.
What do you choose? No one can rock an teeny weeny, string cut out two piece quite like Paula Cramer can. Sound off in the comments!

Nicole Hage shared a picture with Paula Cramer on her Twitter account, " @NicoleHage  : Trouble @ThePCreamer"
 Paula Cramer, Nicole Hage and Jessica Korda
 Nicole and Paula at BMW Party  
 In another snap shot, Paula and Nicole at BMW Party

Paula Creamer and her caddie, Colin Can  in a car accident in Thailand
 Paula in a pink bikini. source . . .
 Paula with Gulbis in the 2007 Solheim Cup

Paula Creamer, known as the Pink Panther, is still looking to win her first LPGA major.

 The 27 year old looks gratefully beauty in elegant dress
 Hey, there's anybody there who took a medicine. Cause for me, Paula is my healthy

 She has already become one of the LPGA Tour's biggest stars
Creamer not satisfied being 11th in women's golf.
The beauty blonde won her first tournament before she even graduated high school
She looks so pretty although her rabbit teeth up to shown while she’s got a best results.
But, how about this . . . . ? i will said, “you always in the right place.”
 Oh my, her gorgeous legs is everything

What do you think if you could see her light from the distance ?
 Oh my, Paula almost flashed her natural shapes . . . . . !

She tried to shaking her fans with her beauty delight.
  The blonde looks more beauty in the red one
Girl in the rain
 She is truly a saint lady
Paula shows off her beauty pony tails, and a little strike

"Things didn't pan out the way I hoped, and I never really gave myself a chance," Creamer said

 Take it easy . . . lady. You will always win on the heart of your fans ! that’s including me


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