Friday, June 14, 2013

Theo Walcott on holiday in Las Vegas, but the “Bikini” girls around him

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He recently finished a successful season with Arsenal who take fourth position in the British league session of 2013.
So it’s no surprise for Theo Walcott took a relaxing day on holiday in Las Vegas and fortunately for him as he was joined with a group of Bikini girls under the Nevada Sun.
But sadly, the women could not ask for more to enjoyed a wild night out  with the Arsenal footballer, cause his girlfriend, Melanie Slade who met him on age of 17 has been waiting his promise.
Really, it’s very pitiful situation. And possibly they will said “going to hell" which automatically words that will expressed by the hot fans.
It seems Theo don’t wanted to fall asleep with the condition as he tried to keeping on with the ladies.
So, good job Walcott. I hope, you will got more success carreer on the next season with Arsenal.

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