Monday, July 8, 2013

Alex Curran shakes a “Flower Bikini” along the waves in Algarve, Portugal

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Steven Gerrard wife, Alex Curran displayed her amazing physiques in a flower bikini while vacationing with her family in Algarve, Portugal.
She obviously have taking care of her bodies as she shown during her lonely afternoon at the beach on Monday, July 1.
Accompanied by a beauty ponytails, the 30 year old didn’t waste her time by enjoying her free time with so much.
Later, the beauty’s drawing the day by communicate along the coastline with her husband and two kids while she strolled along the water.
Well, from the looks of this slightly tousled for the perfect bombshell, everything on Mrs. Alex Curran looks to be perfectly in place!

Alex, who once admitted to eating three McDonald's meals per week, has been on a health kick since the beginning of the year.

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 Steven Gerrard was seen getting serious with his paddleboard earlier in the day.

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