Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chloe Madeley jumps in a “White Bikini” as she practices in South of France

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Chloe Madeley served a traditional practices by jumping for joy at the hotel pool.
Displaying in a white bikini as a way to tone and show off her amazing figure on South of France on Tuesday, July 2.
The 25 year old captivating her beautiful movement as “Dance like no one is watching." on her twitter account.
But, it’s not her first time to taking her weight loss regime a little to far and you can see more about her constantly pics gym below.
And of course, confidence is key if you want to flaunt it like Madeley.
Chloe Madeley wore a short black playsuit after her workout in the pool

Chloe? snapped the result

The 25 year old was keen to keep active even on kitchen.
She develop a thick skin
Yes, we get it, you're fit
This is where the boyfriend/PT action took place. A fake crime scene
Results of the murder
That may say "protein ice cream" but surely it's still ice cream which can't help keep the pounds off

Six pack selfie

Gym equipment snap

You get the drift

Chloe and Danny do their sex faces

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