Saturday, July 13, 2013

Helena Christensen struggles her bodies on the Future Claw Magazine shots

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Helena Christensen declared her sexiness's habit for a lovely shoots outcome on the pages of Future Claw Magazine on Spring & Summer 2013 issue.
The 44 year old showed off her incredible figure in a plunging hot style and striped her open market policy shapes during a few snaps by Gregory Derkenne on her New York City home.
So, there was no way out for the Danish beauty were going to miss her colleague glory in many occasion of different angle from camera.
Belive it or not, she was successed to making a having lunch in her big day whose matching to celebrated her birthday suit on extremely pose.
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The star strips off her curvy on her apartment in New York.

The Danish beauty just tried to explained about her better shape in the ages.
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