Friday, July 26, 2013

Ireland Baldwin enjoys the day in a “Blue Bikini" as she’s taking a dip in the Hamptons

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May she feared if she would never be sexy again.
Cause, Ireland Baldwin paraded her magnificent body in two different color around two days and two different places.
I think, she just tried to using her big family name into shaped up to a stunning degree along her getaway in the Hamptons, Southampton, NY, USA on Thursday, July 18.
Then on Wednesday, July 24, the 17 year old tweeted again another section of her shapes as she displayed her stunning figure in a black bikini.
Of course, she showed off her perfectly and slim physique in many outdoors activity, from swimming, boat, kayaking and even sunbathing.
She's got one of the most envied bodies in the world, and it's certainly not hard to see why.
Enjoy your vacation, before it's back to work, Ireland!

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The beauty enjoyed her day out with Father, Alec Baldwin and boyfriend, Slater Trout on Thursday, July 18.

The 17 year old wit her stepmother, Hilaria Thomas.

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Ireland Baldwin wore another two piece color as she playing a kayack on Wednesday, July 24.

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Kim Basinger's gorgeous daughter posed in a yellow bikini in April.

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