Monday, July 1, 2013

Paz Vega displays her athletic figure in a "Red Bikini" as she rides Jet ski in Ibiza

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While on a trip to Ibiza, Paz Vega, enjoyed a day out on a yacht with her husband, Orson Salazar.
The actress displayed her magnificent curves in a white top and red bikini bottom as she enjoyed a romantic trip on Thursday, Sept 8.
Enjoying a jet ski ride off along the coast of the mediterranean Sea, the 35 year old goofed around as she pulled her hair in the air.
As well as her activity in the crystal water, the beauty proved how gutsy and brave she was as she threw herself on a jetski before spinning gracefully into position and making contact with the water.
After she fastly made her way into the ocean, the hardworking actress looked happy and gave another beauty side as she reflected her model look during a final moment on the day.

The spanish actress showed off her diving skills
Paz Vega looked like she was enjoying herself speeding over the waves  
 Even she was have three childs, Paz took a moment to relaxing  and she still look like a model on a photo shoot
Paz and her handsome husband Oscar shared a romantic kiss.

Paz_Vega_-_Bikini_candids_in_Ibiza_September_8-2011_006.jpg Paz_Vega_-_Bikini_candids_in_Ibiza_September_8-2011_001.jpg Paz_Vega_-_Bikini_candids_in_Ibiza_September_8-2011_007.jpg Paz_Vega_-_Bikini_candids_in_Ibiza_September_8-2011_004.jpg 


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