Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rachel Hunter displays an “Aquamarine Bikini” as she puts her amazingly body in Malibu

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Rachel Hunter had clearly looked absolutely stunning after working hard to get body back for a few of months.
During her sunbathing session in Malibu, CA, USA, the beauty kicked off her perfect curves in a black and aquamarine bikini with tattoo on her back as she enjoyed the result on the sand on Thursday, July 4rd, 2013.
By wearing no make up and let her blonde hair cutting out at one point of ponny tails, the model seemed more at ease relaxing while having some fun in the sun.
No matter that she's now a 43 year old, the world is still a aesthetically driven place and the people will judge her form.
And as you can see on the pics, the New Zealander was successed to proved her flaunting slim body as she looked down to a fine art during her last beach time.
No conferring, no calculators, no cheating with Google or texting, we have no doubt this will be a trip to remember. 

It’s a tough job and please, sound off your own words in the comments!
Rachel Hunter soaked off the sun with a group of bikini friends while holidaying in Malibu.

But her exercise result for a few of months. It’s really a pretty amazing.
The New Zealander is clearly thrilled with the outcome of her efforts.
Later in the day, the beauty covered her magnificent curves with a red top and blue daisy duke.


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