Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tamara Ecclestone selects a “Black Bikini” for honeymoon session in the Bahamas

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Tamara Ecclestone won't have to look far for being an inspiration after Jay Rutland has been learning about everything of communication in this far.
Which more, they are wedding ceremony in June 11 and now is on Thursday, July 11.
So it’s no wonder if the pair looked more very close as they returned a honeymoon session at a beautiful tropical sphere in the Bahamas.
Tamara enhanced her svelte figure by opting for a string black bikini and Rutland, famed for his unambitious wardrobe, opted to keep his style with a purple shorts firmly on.
On the afternoon, they took the opportunity to do some special water activity, by riding a balloon and playing with the marine mammalia on their dinner time.
Hmm, burgers and the occasional workout? If only getting Tamara's killer bikini bod was that easy! Sound off in the comments!

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Tamara gave a special kiss to porpoise.
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I think, this one is not a special food.

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