Monday, August 26, 2013

Ashley James indulges in a “Flower Bikini" as she enjoys a water sports in Surrey, UK

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I've never really been sure about crochet in a swimsuit... surely it means you can't actually go for a dip which defeats the object.
Unless of course your object is just to look amazing while on the beach.
And it's fair to say that Ashley James is looking hot in a flower purple bikini from British designer, Hoola Label.

As this is more about beauty than swimming, as the 25 year old pranced around to showcasing her natural view with her glorious shapes at Thorpe Park in Chertsey, Surrey, UK on Thursday, August 22.
But in a mean time, she have been left regretting his decision to part ways with the beauty.
The Made In Chelsea star covered her lovely legs into a dive outfit while enjoying a session on river side with her male friend, Kye Sones.
Oh my, she's really has a toned thighs on display and clearly it's time to crown Ashley as the Queen of the bikini. . . . Don’t you?

Ashley James have been regretting his decision to part ways with the beauty at Thorpe Park in Chertsey, Surrey.

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But, something gonna happen while her male friend, Kye Sones come down.

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However instead, she showed off her circular sentences as she’s taking off her pants for a watersports session.

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The Made In Chelsea star’s opting for fat reduction treatment by, in Cosmetics & Beauty Supply, Lipoglaze in Lovelite, London, UK.

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