Friday, August 16, 2013

Melanie Griffith flaunts a “Black Bikini” as she celebrates her birthday in the South of France

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Melanie Griffith certainly looked like a woman in love during a romantic holiday with her husband, Antonio Banderas in South of France on Friday, August 2.
By showing her good, the 56 year old looked as youthful as ever in a black bikini, with a washboard stomach and toned arms and legs, as she was spotted larking around the luxury yacht.
Please hold on, we’ve got a something special to say about their ages, cause they’re both birthday on the date is very close, Melanie on August 9 and Banderas on August 10.
So it turns out the couple have the same constellations, although slightly on different birth year, 1957 and 1960.

Melanie Griffith showed off her flawless body in a black bikini while frolicking in the luxury yacht on Friday, August 2.

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And José Antonio Domínguez Banderas still looked handsome on his trunks while enjoyed a fresh water from spray.

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 After his muscular dive on the side of the yacht.

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The pair looked to be going from strength to strength after 17 year marriage.

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Blew out their birthday candles fireworks from their fans on dinner time in Antonio’s native Spanish province, Málaga, Spain. May be, they were really touched !

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On the nearby hills, Antonio and Melanie worked up together on a sweat hiking.

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The couple with their 16 year old daugther, Stella in Alabama.
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Antonio and Melanie walking hand-in-hand in sunny Puerto Banus, Marbella on Friday.
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