Sunday, September 29, 2013

Heidi Montag displays a Glitter Bikini as she celebrates her 27th birthday in Las Vegas

Heidi Montag Glittery Bikini Las Vegas
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She’s known for her glamorous and sexy curves, and this two piece doesn’t disappoint.
On Sunday, September 22, Heidi Montag celebrated her 27th birthday by displaying her slimmed down shape in a glittery bikini during a photoshoot session in Las Vegas, NV, USA.
The brunette wasn't the only thing that caught our eyes as she cavorted on the poolside by displaying her slim toned body and of course, the naturally of her long blonde hair.
Despite being exist of the modelling game for a number of years, we think Heidi's flawless curves is being to be an absolute winner.
Want to make a statement by the pool? right now, you can scroll your mouse by clicking the image bellow. But don’t forget to left your expression on the commentary column.
Heidi Montag Glittery Bikini Las Vegas
The beauty looked more sophisticated as she celebrated her 27th birthday in Las Vegas.
 Heidi Montag Glittery Bikini Las Vegas
 There was not an inch to pinch if the blonde would be ungrateful to say it’s all because of her brains and talent.
 Heidi Montag Glittery Bikini Las Vegas
 On August 31, Heidi celebrated her husband 30th birthday in Crazy Horse III strip club.

Heidi Montag Glittery Bikini Las Vegas
 Heidi in 2007, Is her plastic surgery will make over?
 Heidi Montag Glittery Bikini Las Vegas
 Later on the day, the brunette playing with her female friend and kids around the pool.

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