Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Richard Gere hits Saint Barthelemy with Bikini girls

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Well, he may be a father, but it’s clear that Richard Gere’s idea of a good vacation is really friendly for us.
And certainly, the beautiful bikini girls surrounded the Pretty Woman star only allowed his gaze to wonder momentarily.
It appeared the fun did not end there while his wife, Carey Lowell, and son, Homer James Gere took a dip in the coastline of Saint Barthelemy.
In distinctly uncomfortable, the 60 year old tried to disguised his eyes behind a cap and sunglasses.
But in the following time, Carey and Homer interrupted his wonderful trip after emerged from the water to get a finally warm with a towel.

What are you looking at guys?
He tried to avert his eyes behind a pair of dark glasses and a cap.
On Monday, January 5, the Pretty Woman star didn’t stay again on the sands with another beautiful girls. But he ventured to go jump into the water with his family.

On the morning, the family were seen wandered around the city street, but once again, he looked so innocent and cute with a brown jeans and the same caps which he was wearing.



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