Saturday, September 7, 2013

Youtube! Katy Perry in a Leopard Bikini for her first Jungle single, Roar

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It was expected that she would show off her two piece body and that's exactly what she's been doing.
Katy Perry has been flaunting her incredible curves in the jungle by switching her leopard bikini like a Queen of the Jungle on what feels like wildest gorgeous women of the world.
Within hours of entering the forest for the new music video, Roar,  the 23 year old proved that her signed up to the show believing all she would be doing interacted and making friends with alligator, monkey, parrot, elephant and even talking to scare off a ruthless tiger.
And the singer has admitted to the E!:
We are shooting with some very well trained, very well mannered animals. One monkey is named Ripley, believe it or not!”
Then her favourite animal during the scene is Suzy, the cute elephant, “Because she wouldn’t stop eating everything!”, as she added on her twitter account.

Hey, she’s showering with Suzy, her funy elephant friend after survived a plane crash.

But on different circumstances, Katy Perry tried to train her voice capability with tiger.
The Roar exposure provides can send her music careers into the stratosphere and earn the owners of the beautiful bodies millions as the Queen of the Jungle.
So, which the forest dwellers saw her careers heat up, and whose cooled down? 

While on all around of the scenes, only she was a woman and the prettiest from all other forms.

 Well, let’s the video turned into a drawing at the end of the film.
But for once again, she painted her elephant toenail with a pink color. Is she real a Queen of the Jungle?






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