Saturday, March 30, 2013

Maria Menounos squeezes her brown bikini body to hit the beach in Miami

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It was another day, another tiny two-piece for Maria Menounos.
The television presenter enjoyed another day of surf and sand in Miami Beach, Florida while wearing a whimsical brown bikini that looked too sexy for her generous body.
The 35-year-old Menounos, who seems to have swimwear for every occasion, loved her itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini that showed off more of her tanned, taut figure than it covered.

Charlotte Church Flaunts “Colorful Bikini” Body At St. Lucia (20 Photos)

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In a pair of sunglasses and a detective hat, Charlotte Church was looking hot in her colourful bikini over the weekend.
The singer is staying at St. Lucia and seemed happy and healthy as she frolicked in the sun with her close pal.

Later in day, they emerged from the water and take a rest from busy conversation on the waves.
Charlotte Church burned the bridges of perfection by puffing on a cigarette.
She showed off a very trim physique while soaked up the sunshine, posing in a sexy variety style of bikini in the location.

Britney Spears In Purple Bikini On Family Vacation At Miami

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BRITNEY SPEARS' outfits are getting skimpier and skimpier.
The pop singer in purple bikini spends the day with her family by the pool in Miami
After strolled around to given fans a glimpse in the outside of the building.
In her great shape, she’s confidently to lying down her perfect body beside the pool.
However, it was strategically placed to conceal her backside every time she went for a wander.
Maybe that’s where all the burgers have gone...

Gemma Arterton displays her natural style by bikini at the luxury boat in Italy

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Any red-blooded males at the world would probably have been counting their lucky stars.
Yes, it’s definitely. Cause the beauty British actress was seen holidaying with her boyfriend, Stefano Catelli in Italy.
Gemma Arterton was make-up free as she showed off her incredible figure in a string black bikini.
She is just as stylish au naturel such many beautiful woman in Europe, Italy and England.
But, Don’t you know about their relationship? Normally I heat about any guy that is not me who has romance with my favourite girl . . . . ha . ha. ha . ha !

Mariah Carey Graces The Cover Of Vibe Magazine

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I love Mariah Carey‘s new look, I really do. But is this the whole new look?
She shows off her svelte figure in various bikini and swimsuit for the cover of Vibe magazine.
They’ve got a fantastic summertime look going on. No green screen here, Vibe flew to the Caribbean island of Antigua to shoot Mariah in her favorite outifit: anything itsy bitsy or mini and skimpy. This time it was a black bikini. Too bad these types of magazine articles are crafted months in advance or they might have checked her fingers for that Cannon ring. That whole rumored marriage to Nick is so left field, it’s easier not to believe it than to do any kind of investigative digging.
Mariah Cannon. How’s that sound? Actually.. not that bad.
Pictures below.

Maria Menounos Playing Football In “Black Bikini” At The Beach In Miami

English: Maria Menounos raises Miami temperatures while playing
Football in a Black Bikini (Photo credit:
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Maria Menounos showcased her fantastic shape while on holiday in Miami.
The presenter, who spent the day on the beach, was spotted playing American football in the surf with a group of male friends.
And despite the down time, she did not disappoint in the style stakes.
The brunette lady wore a black bikini with a pair of sunglasses and bizarrely given the situation.
But lucky, she almost left a litte to imagination while she was too enthuasiasm to throw the ball.

Mariah Carey Little Mini Dress In Pink

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SHE may fast be approaching her 40th birthday - but MARIAH CAREY still manages to look better than most twentysomethings.
The divalicious singer looked great dressed in a tiny pink leather jacket at the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris, where she's promoting new music from her album E=MC2.

Maria Menounos Tweets “Yellow Bikini” For Boston Celtics

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Occasional actress and 'Access Hollywood' and 'Today' correspondent Maria Menounos tweeted her Boston Celtics pride, reclining poolside in a bikini on Saturday.
Over two tweets she did an upclose shot of her drink cozy and bottle opener ("My fave bday gifts yet!everyone has gotten me the best celts gear ever-but these take the cake!!! Go celts!!!") and a reclining show ("Pool party about to wrap...time to get ready for the big party!!!wooooooo! ")
While the bikini was yellow, even her fingernails were green.

Britney Spears Sizzles “White Bikini” At The Beach In Costa Rica

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BRITNEY SPEARS was looking hot in her bikini over the weekend.
The singer is staying at close pal MEL GIBSON's £13m Costa Rican ranch with her dad JAMIE and seemed happy and healthy while body boarding in the surf.
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Friday, March 29, 2013

Gemma Arterton shows off her beauty legs during 2011 Glamour Women

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Gemma Areterton's already proved herself as a British actress making a little impact but dazzling in Glamour Women Of The Year Awards.
She cut a stylish figure in a black little dress, but her beauty legs could leaf a little to the imagination for the red blooded of man.
Do you agree ? Check out the another photos below and you can be the judge.

Maria Menounos shows off her bikini body at book signing in Miami

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She has been too busy to lounge lately as the television presenter's been promoting her new book in Miami.
In fact judging by these pictures, she should pen a tome entirely comprised of tips for looking sensational throughout a day on the pool.
Maria Menounos displaying her distinctly svelte figure in a black bikini with a pair of sunglasses at poolside.
The question is . . . . . Do I need to look back on how I read the book? please give me an advise after seeing the pictures below.

Britney Spears Flaunts “Green Bikini” And Wig In Santa Barbara, California

Wigney Spears
BRITNEY Spears reveals her dark side — in an amazing short brunette wig.
The singer, 23, tried to throw fans and photographers off the scent by disguising her familiar blonde tresses beneath the bob as she popped out.

Gemma Arterton Gets A Hot Kiss From Daniel Craig In Quantum Of Solace

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Gemma Arterton looked absolutely stunning during her private scene with Mr. Bond in Quantum Of Solace.
In the part of movie, Daniel kisses her bare back that also give Craig’s female fans to admire his muscular physique.
And Gemma said: “Kissing Daniel was great – I can’t pretend it wasn’t. It was my first day on set and I’d only met him once before – and then suddenly we were expected to kiss.”
Suddenly, Daniel Craig answered Arterton’s statement with very cool or has a little arrogant, by said:
“I just kissed you!”
Then he added: “Yes, you did. And now we have to do it again.”
But at the end of movie, Gemma characters as Agent Fields was killed in very tragic situation.
After death, her beauty covered by dirty oil on the hotel room.