Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Diana Vickers Relaxes In A Brown Bikini At The Beach In Spain

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I couldn’t say anything if I get a change to be enjoying a trip with a few pretty girl on a beach.
And the dream was inspired by a sweet reality that is performed by Diana Vickers when she's with her female friends on holiday at Spain on Monday,‭ ‬April‭ ‬28,‭ ‬2014.
The British singer pairing her great body in a brown bikini,‭ ‬with her long blonde hair worn down and her face going make up free.
The‭ ‬22-year-old added her diamond style accessories with a pair of ray ban to dedicating her feminine physique along the sweet of sea breeze.
To occupy her usually jam packed schedule,‭ the lady made sure to fill some free space by riding an e-book as she enjoyed her soaking up the sunshine.
Sadly or not,‭ ‬she was drawing a great attention,‭ ‬today,‭ ‬and she had told everything about how to use the opportunity by properly when we were at the beach.
In the meantime,‭ ‬we hope the singer and actress is soaking up every minute of the sun.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭ ‬.‭! ‬Don’t you‭?

Diana Vickers was snapped to be enjoying some down time with a few female friends on Monday,‭ ‬April‭ ‬28,‭ ‬2014‭ ‬at Spain.
Pairing in just a brown bikini,‭ ‬the‭ ‬22-year-old looked very beauty while her long blonde hair blowing by the natural side of sea breeze.
To adding another perfect pictures,‭ ‬the British girl teamed her gorgeous appearance with make-up free and shielding her great eyes with a pair of sunglasses.
She’s not on the class,‭ ‬but as the great student,‭ ‬she will never forget about how to bring her school value to the society as she looked so busy with an e-book.
After the sunbathing session,‭ ‬the girls enjoyed a little cold touch of ice cream cups while walking away on the street.
However,‭ ‬how it could be if the shortly,‭ ‬there was a man among them.
‭“‬Any pointy bristols‭? ‬Or‭?” ‬she captioned her Instagram picture.
Diana shared her funny image with tree beach toys on her side.
The blonde definitely knows about how to launch with a firework.
Yap,‭ ‬I am really like a Toblerone too,‭ ‬cause it’s very delicious chocolate ever.

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